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Christian Erik

Kontor: KIL/14.A-3.81
E-mail: cek.si@cbs.dk

I have a background in engineering from DTU and a Ph.D. in management from MIT.  My specialty is system dynamics, a field applying concepts from engineering control theory to socio-economic problems.  Much of my academic research has been on methods to improve the analytical tools for system dynamics.  Substantively, my interests center on the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, particularly in the transportation sector.

Primære forskningsområder
  • System dynamics analysis
  • Sustainable energy development
  • Electric mobility
  • Green urban mobility
Link til denne hjemmeside
  • V89: Introduction to System Dynamics (cand. merc. elective, same as DTU 2491)
  • 2491: Introduction to System Dynamics (DTU graduate elective, same as V89).
  • V91: Sustainable Business Strategy and Innovation (cand. merc. elective)
  • MI51: Strategy and Market Development (cand.merc. MIB mandatory)
  • MI40: Integrated project (cand.merc. MIB mandatory)
  • QBR: Quantitative Business Research (B.Sc. BLC mandatory)
  • M.Sc. theses under current supervision:
  • "Product service systems and sustainability: Drivers and barriers"
  • "Business models for electric urban mobility"
Andre undervisningsaktiviteter
  • Coordinator for cand. merc. Minor in Sustainable Business.
Udvalgte publikationer
  • Kampmann, CE (2012). Feedback loop gains and system behavior.  System Dynamics Review (forthcoming)
  • Kampmann, CE; Oliva, R (2009). Analytical methods for structural dominance analysis in system dynamics. Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science, SpringerVerlag, New York: 8948-8967.
  • Saleh, M; Oliva, R; Kampmann, CE; Davidsen, P (2010). A omprehensive Analytical Approach for Policy Analysis of System Dynamics Models.  European Journal of Operations Research. 203(3): 673-683.
  • Kampmann, CE; Oliva, R (2006). Loop eigenvalue elasticity analysis: three case studies.  System Dynamics Review.  22(2):  141–162.
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