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E-mail: yz.acc@cbs.dk

Yanlei Zhang holds the PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2017), and he also conducted research stay at ESSEC Business School. Yanlei's main research interests include empirical research in financial accounting,  auditing, taxation, and social and environmental accounting. He is also interested in accounting practices in emerging markets such as China. His research has been presented in various major conferences such as the American Accounting Association, European Accounting Association, Financial Management Association, and British Accounting and Finance Association conference etc.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Financial accounting
  • Social and environmental accounting
  • Digitalization
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  • Financial Statement Analysis (Graduate)
  • Financial Accounting (Undergraduate)

Supervision of master theses in financial accounting, taxation, auditing, and social and environmental accounting.

Udvalgte publikationer
  • Zhang, Y., (2021). Greasing dirty machines: Evidence of pollution-driven bribery in China. Journal of Business Ethics, 170(1), pp.53-74.
  • Zhang, Y., Lara, J.M.G. and Tribó, J.A., (2020). Unpacking the black box of trade credit to socially responsible customers. Journal of Banking & Finance, 119, 105908.
  • Zhang, Y., (2020). Conditional conservatism and trade credit during the global financial crisis. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 39(4),106728.


Publikationer sorteret efter:
Hang Dong; Jikyung Kim; Yanlei Zhang / If You Do Not Like Me, I Do ESG : Firms' response to the Negative Sentiment.
I: 2023 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul Proceedings. red. /Roland T. Rust; Renana Peres; Linda Robinson; Chizuru Nishio; Tony Garrett. Changwon : Global Alliance of Marketing and Management Associations 2023, 1 s., s. 495 (Global Marketing Conference Proceedings)
Konferenceabstrakt i proceedings > peer review
Yanlei Zhang / Greasing Dirty Machines : Evidence of Pollution-driven Bribery in China.
I: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 170, Nr. 1, 4.2021, s. 53-74
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Yanlei Zhang / Conditional Conservatism and Trade Credit During the Global Financial Crisis
I: Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Vol. 39, Nr. 4, 7.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Yanlei Zhang; Juan M. García Lara; Josep A. Tribó / Unpacking the Black Box of Trade Credit to Socially Responsible Customers
I: Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 119, 10.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review

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