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Presentation and academic fields

I am interested in the ways in which the human resources are conceptualized, organized and managed. Specifically, my focus - since my Ph.D - has been the organization and management of the psycho-social work environment. Following 'old' insights from socio-technical theory, a main concern has been to broaden the focus from the psycho-social aspects of the work-environment to entail as well attentiveness to the socio-material aspects of everyday work and work organization.  

Theoretically, I am inspired by ANT/science technology studies, Organization theory and Critical Management Studies.
I have taught the following courses: Human Resource Development,  Organizational Analysis, Qualitative methods and philosphy of science.  Furthermore, I have supervised both at  Bachelors and Masters levels.

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Professional and/or academic experience

My primary areas of research have been within: Psycho social work environment/ worker well-being, HRM
Paradox pedagogy/Paradox theory, Leadership development.

I am currently employed as a civil servant within the Danish Working Environment Authority. This entails making inspections within a broad range of primarily public organizations and planning and teaching in competence development programmes for inspectors.    
Selected publications:

Bévort, F., & Holck, L. (2021). and Mette Mogensen. The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Approaches to Human Resource Management, 71.

Nielsen, R. K., Mogensen, M., Bevort, F., Henriksen, T. D., Hjalager, A. M., & Lyndgaard, D. B. (2019). Både &: Værktøjer til effektiv paradoksledelse. Djøf Forlag.

Mette Mogensen / Beyond happy families and authenticity – back to work organization and mundaneness in the critique of ‘authenticating’ management programs, Ephemera, 2017.
Mette Mogensen; Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen / The Adverse Effects of the Resilient Organization? : Accounting for the Flip Side of 'Positive Resources' in Prison Work. Paper presented at 35th International Labour Process Conference, 2017
Mogensen, M., Andersen, V., & Ipsen, C. (2008). Ambiguity, identity construction and stress amongst knowledge workers: developing collective coping strategies through negotiations of meaning (conference paper).

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I supervise projects within HRM, HRD, psycho-social work environment and organizational learning.