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Christina Lubinski

Christina Lubinski is professor at the Department of Business Humanities and Law at Copenhagen Business School. Her research and teaching focuses on entrepreneurship in national and global contexts. A historian by training, she uses historical reasoning to study early-stage startups, family businesses, entrepreneurial processes and organizations over time. She is a member of the Centre for Business History and the Centre for Organizational Time. Since 2023, she is academic director of the unit Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership.

Christina has published in leading journals in both management (Strategic Management Journal, Organization Studies, Family Business Review) and business history (Business History Review, Business History, Enterprise & Society). Her monograph Navigating Nationalism in Global Enterprise appeared with Cambridge University Press. She has won the Henrietta Larson and Oxford Journals Article Prizes as well as several teaching awards.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Historical Entrepreneurship
  • Venturing and Startup Organization
  • Global Business and Emerging Markets
  • Time and Organizations
  • Family Business
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  • Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipate and Avoid Startup Pitfalls (BSc in International Business)
  • Google, Uber, Amazon – Management Challenges in Networked Businesses (BSc in Economics and Business Administration)


  • Entrepreneurial Processes (MSc in Social Sciences)
  • Organizing Growth (MSc in Social Sciences)


  • Using Historical Approaches in Management and Organizational Research (PhD School in Organization and Management Studies)
  • Perspectives on Time and Organization (PhD School in Organization and Management Studies)


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Editor of the Historical Entrepreneurship case series at Harvard Business School Publishing, including

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Christina Lubinski / Competing for Labor and the Public Good : Provident Funds in India, 1910s to 1950s.
Abstract from The Business History Conference 2024, 2024
Konferenceabstrakt til konference > peer review
R. Daniel Wadhwani; Christina Lubinski / Concepts of Entrepreneurialism : An Exploration of Hype.
Paper presented at 7th Annual Reversing the Arrow Conference 
on Entrepreneurship and Society, 2024
Paper > peer review
Christina Lubinski / History as Critique in Entrepreneurship Studies
Paper presented at Critical Entrepreneurship Studies, 2024
Christina Lubinski; R. Daniel Wadhwani; William B. Gartner; Renee Rottner / Humanistic Approaches to Change : Entrepreneurship and Transformation.
I: Business History, Vol. 66, Nr. 2, 2024, s. 347-363
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
R. Daniel Wadhwani; Christina Lubinski / Hype : Marker and Maker of Entrepreneurial Culture.
Paper presented at Hype and Entrepreneurship Academic Conference, 2024
Paper > peer review
Christina Lubinski; Stephanie Decker; Niall MacKenzie / Revise and Resubmit? : Peer Reviewing Business Historical Research.
I: Business History, Vol. 66, Nr. 4, 14.3.2024, s. 773-792
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Stephanie Decker; Christina Lubinski; Niall G. MacKenzie; Nic Felton / Taking Stock and Moving Forward : What Makes a Contribution in Business History?.
I: Business History, 2024, 16 s.
Leder > peer review
Olivia Brown; Robert M. Davison; Stephanie Decker; David A. Ellis; James Faulconbridge; Julie Gore; Michelle Greenwood; Gazi Islam; Christina Lubinski; Niall G. MacKenzie; Renate Meyer; Daniel Muzio; Paolo Quattrone; M. N. Ravishankar; Tammar Zilber; Shuang Ren; Riikka M. Sarala; Paul Hibbert / Theory-Driven Perspectives on Generative Artificial Intelligence in Business and Management
I: British Journal of Management, Vol. 35, Nr. 1, 1.2024, s. 3-23
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Nicolai C. Jepsen; Lauren Eaton; Christina Lubinski / Work at the Margins : A Conceptual Exploration of the Entrepreneurial Hustle.
Paper presented at 40th EGOS Colloquium 2024, 2024
Paper > peer review
Christina Lubinski / Postcolonial Transition and Global Business History: British Multinational Companies in Ghana and Nigeria
I: Business History, 16.3.2023
Anmeldelse > peer review
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  • Two-week summer school course, Escuela Internacional de Verano, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, June 2019 and June 2023