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Underviser i HR jura, udbudsret og vejleder i Jura (CBS LAW).

Academic fields: 

IT law
Public procurement / procurement rules
HR law
Circular business models


Global experienced executive, who enjoys, taken responsible for business that needs a fast growth. Keywords for past success is redesigning the processes by using Big Data to automate process hereby energizing people to become high performers again. Worked over 10 years with global virtual management. The last four years in Oracle has also been spent building a circular business model in the hardware service industry by automate the process with 60% cost reduction in 2017 by using predictive software and working with the UN 17 The Sustainable Development Goals. Implementing them in the support model and customer contracts.

In 2017 I founded Circular Strategy. Circular Strategy consulting house is working with the 17 UN Goals to transform the companies to a sustainable business model. October 2020 this company was closed, as I join IBM Global Services to build IBM’s sustainability services in the Nordic.

In board role in AIG Europe, I was active board member to move from London to Luxembourg due to Brexit. I also had the responsibility in the board to work with AIG’s compliance, sustainability and IT strategy that include moving to cloud and use of Big Data. I’m working closely with AIG Global IT in regards with cyber threats to AIG and the cyber insurance product the company are Worldwide leading provider off. This engagement ended by the end of 2020.

In March 2022 I joined JS World Media’s board. JS World Media is specialists in making Interactive Brochures that are funded by suppliers. In September 2022 I joined PFA board.

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