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Kontor: POR/24.A-1.72b
E-mail: jg.egb@cbs.dk

I research the strategic development of subsidiaries. This includes the structures and organization of activities within multinational corporations, with a specific emphasis on headquarters-subsidiary relationships. Recently I have included issues such as power, politics, negotiations, and managerial psychology profiles into this research. In addition, I analyze the brewery sector from an international business perspective.

My research departs from the department´s focus area international business with cross overs to the department´s second focus area business and government, investigating the political structures of multinational corporations. Further, I investigate how MNCs address ethical issues.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Strategic development of subsidiaries
  • Headquarters-subsidiary relationships
  • MNC organizational structures
  • Negotiations and manager’s psychological profile
  • MNC ethical issues
  • Brewery sector
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Udvalgte publikationer

Dzikowska, M., Gammelgaard, J., & Andersson, U. (2023). Subsidiary Capability and Charter Change: Making Birkinshaw and Hood's Framework Actionable. Global Strategy Journal. https://doi.org/10.1002/gsj.1476

Gammelgaard, J. and Kumar, R. (2023), "Internal legitimacy crises: the roles of the regulatory focus and relational social capital of headquarters and subsidiaries", Critical Perspectives on International Business, Vol. 19 No. 3, pp. 469-486. https://doi.org/10.1108/cpoib-02-2022-0006

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Dörrenbächer, C. & Gammelgaard, J. (2010). Multinational Corporations, Inter-Organizational Networks and Subsidiary Charter Removals. Journal of World Business, 45, 206-216.

Publikationer sorteret efter:
Jens Gammelgaard; Rajesh Kumar / Internal Legitimacy Crises : The Roles of the Regulatory Focus and Relational Social Capital of Headquarters and Subsidiaries.
I: Critical Perspectives on International Business, Vol. 19, Nr. 3, 2023, s. 469-486
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Erik Strøjer Madsen (Redaktør) ; Jens Gammelgaard (Redaktør) ; Bersant Hobdari (Redaktør) / New Developments in the Brewing Industry : The Role of Institutions and Ownership.
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Alfredo Jiménez; Guoliang Frank Jiang; Bent Petersen; Jens Gammelgaard / Within-country Religious Diversity and the Performance of Private Participation Infrastructure Projects
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Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Xin Li; Jens Gammelgaard / A Strategic Theory of FDI : The Opportunity-learning-involvement and its 6Cs Framework.
Poster session presented at 44th AIB (UKI) and 6th Reading Conference 2017, 2017, 1 s.
Poster > peer review
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2010 - ongoing:  Danmarks Evalueringsinstitut - Expert (accreditation of educations)
2019: CO-Industry - Seminar
2023: Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW), Berlin - Consultant to the project: Die Rolle ausländischer Investoren in Berlin Brandenburg