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Xiao Xiao; Barney Tan / Developing Indigenous Theory with Qualitative IS Research
I: Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for Information Systems: New Perspectives. . red. /Robert M. Davidson. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2023, s. 288-305
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Nigel P. Melville; Lionel Robert; Xiao Xiao / Putting Humans Back in the Loop : An Affordance Conceptualization of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
I: Information Systems Journal, Vol. 33, Nr. 4, 7.2023, s. 733-757
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Sutirtha Chatterjee; Suprateek Sarker; Michael J. Lee; Xiao Xiao; Amany Elbanna / A Possible Conceptualization of the Information Systems (IS) Artifact : A General Systems Theory Perspective.
I: Information Systems Journal, Vol. 31, Nr. 4, 7.2021, s. 550-578
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Lucas Göbeler; Willem Standaert; Xiao Xiao / Hybrid Sport Configurations : The Intertwining of the Physical and the Digital.
I: Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. red. /Tung X. Bui. Honolulu : Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2021, s. 5841-5850 (Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Xiao Xiao; Barney Tan; Carmen Leong; Felix Ter Chian Tan / Powered by “Qinghuai” : The Melding of Traditional Values and Digital Entrepreneurship in Contemporary China.
I: Information Systems Journal, Vol. 31, Nr. 6, 11.2021, s. 769-802
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Xiao Xiao; Saonee Sarker; Ryan T. Wright; Babu John Mariadoss / Commitment and Replacement of Existing SaaS-delivered Applications : A Mixed-methods Investigation.
I: MIS Quarterly, Vol. 44, Nr. 4, 12.2020, s. 1811-1857
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Arisa Shollo; Xiao Xiao / Back to the Future : De-sequencing Time with Video Assistant Referee Technology.
I: Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). red. /Helmut Krcmar; Jane Fedorowicz; Wai Fong Boh; Jan Marco Leimeister; Sunil Wattal. Atlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2019 (Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Suprateek Sarker; Prashant Palvia; Abdullah Oguz; Caven Wu; Xiao Xiao / Editorial: A Brief Retrospective (2013-2019)
I: Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 20, Nr. 12, 2019, 15 s., s. 1901-1915
Leder > peer review
Xiao Xiao; Jonas Hedman / How a Software Vendor Weathered the Stormy Journey to the Cloud
I: MIS Quarterly Executive, Vol. 18, Nr. 1, 3.2019, s. 37-50
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Suprateek Sarker; Sutirtha Chatterjee; Xiao Xiao; Amany Elbanna / The Sociotechnical Axis of Cohesion for the IS Discipline : Its Historical Legacy and its Continued Relevance.
I: MIS Quarterly, Vol. 43, Nr. 3, 9.2019, s. 695-719
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