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Workshop on  Processes of innovation in cross-sectorial and cross-disciplinary project teams, UNLU, Argentina

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Antonio Adrián Arciénaga Morales; Janni Nielsen; Eduardo Roveris Gomes; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Hernán Bacarini; Britta Thomsen / Some Insights into Nanotechnology Innovation Processes and Patterns for Advanced Materials
I: Contaduría y Administración, Vol. 64, Nr. 1, 2019
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Rune Gråbæk; Morten Larsen; Natasja Simone Jakobsen; Janni Nielsen / Technological Literacy : A New School Subject Meets Reality.
I: ICERI 2019 Proceedings: 12th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. . red. /L. Gómez Chova; A. López Martínez; I. Candel Torres. Valencia : International Association of Technology, Education and Development 2019, s. 182-189 (ICERI proceedings)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Antonio Adrián Arciénaga Morales; Janni Nielsen; Hernán Alberto Bacarini; Silvia Irene Martinelli; Sergio Takeo Kofuji; Juan Francisco García Díaz / Technology and Innovation Management in Higher Education : Cases from Latin America and Europe.
I: Administrative Sciences, Vol. 8, Nr. 2, 6.2018
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Karoline Sahlertz; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Janni Nielsen; Rasmus Pedersen / Internet-of-things as a Playground for Participatory Innovation and Business Potentials in Complex Modern Economies
Paper presented at Participatory Innovation Conference. PIN-C 2015, 2015
Paper > peer review
Janni Nielsen; Suzanne Yaganeh; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Antonio Arcienaga / Innovation : Creative Friction or Complementarity.
I: Proceedings of the Participatory Innovation Conference. PIN-C 2013. red. /Helinä Melkas; Jacob Buur. Lahti : Lappeenranta University of Technology 2013, s. 233-240 (LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications) (Tutkimusraportit - Research Reports, Nr. 6)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Janni Nielsen; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Suzanne Yaganeh; Hernan Bacarini; Antonio Arcienaga / Cooperative Innovation Landscapes : Visualising Empirical Findings from a Euro-Latin American Project.
Paper presented at Participatory Innovation Conference. PIN-C 2012, 2012
Paper > peer review
Karin Tweddell Levinsen; Janni Nielsen / Innovating Design for Learning in the Networked Society
I: Exploring the Theory, Pedagogy and Practice of Networked Learning. red. /Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld; Vivien Hodgson; David McConnell. New York : Springer Science+Business Media International Conference on Networked Learning. NLC 2010, 2012, s. 237-256
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Janni Nielsen; Carl Christian Tscherning; Thomas R.N. Jansson; René Forsberg / Development and User Testing of a Python Interface to the GRAVSOFT Gravity Field Programs
I: Geodesy for Planet Earth: Proceedings of the 2009 IAG Symposium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 31 August 31 - 4 September 2009. . red. /Steve Kenyon; Maria Christina Pacino; Urs Marti. Vol. 136, Berlin : Springer Science+Business Media 2011, s. 443-449
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Thea Bruun de Neergaard; Martina Sophia Bach; Janni Nielsen; Leif Bloch Rasmussen / Mobilizing Local and Regional Knowledge for Innovation
I: Participatory Innovation Conference Proceedings. PIN-C 2011 . red. /Jacob Buur. Sønderborg : Syddansk Universitetsforlag 2011, s. 264-273
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Janni Nielsen; Karin Tweddell Levinsen; Birgitte Holm Sørensen / A Theoretical Design for Learning Model Addressing the Networked Society
I: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Networked Learning . red. /Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld; Vivien Hodgson; Chris Jones; Maarten de Laat ; David McConnell ; Thomas Ryberg. : Lancaster University 2010, s. 26-34
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
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