Meet River, a student from BSc in Business Administration and Service Management

Why did I choose my programme?    
I was pretty much all over the place when I had to pick my path. Being curious about nearly everything, my interests span a wide range of areas, and they are still growing. That’s actually why I ended up choosing SEM. While it deeply focuses on the concentration that I adore, it also offers opportunities for me to explore so many different routes, where I might want to position myself in the future.

What do I like the best?    
I love the vibrant new life that I’ve built here in Copenhagen. As our class schedule is quite light and manageable, I have time to invest in different things beyond school and explore myself with hobbies, jobs, projects, travelling and friends.

What do I think is difficult?    
I was struggling with choosing a study method that would work for me for a while. How to take notes efficiently, for example, as we do not use laptop for studying back in my home country.

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?    
When it comes to studying, learn to accept that what works for most people might not necessarily work for you. It is perfectly fine to give yourself time to experiment with different methods, and you will find your way eventually. 

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?    
While I’m pretty sure that I want my future to involve creativity, designs, and architecture, the exact path is still a bit hazy. I love continuous learning, so I’m open to trying out different things along the way, and I’ll see how it goes. 

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…    
When choosing a programme, take the time to explore all the opportunities the programme offers throughout your academic years, such as scholarships and exchange programmes. Also, consider the potential pathways for pursuing a master’s degree after completing the programme. 

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