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imagine .. conducts research on the organisation of creativity in companies, projects and (transnational) networks. It is multidisciplinary in its approach and focuses on the on-going relation between creativity and commerce. Members disseminate their research findings to business and society by means of scholarly publications, media, workshops and other presentations.


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Creative Industries Research
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The center's mission is to establish itself as a leading research center within the organization of creativity in companies, projects and (transnational) networks and to disseminate its research findings to Danish business and society. It is multidisciplinary and focuses on the study of the interplay between creativity and commerce.



imagine .. consists of researchers and research groups from six core departments at Copenhagen Business School:

·  Department of Organization (IOA), CBS

·  Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics (INO), CBS

·  Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (IKL), CBS

·  Department of International Economics and Management (INT), CBS

·  Department of Marketing (Marktg), CBS

·  Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP), CBS

Other external partners will be assigned to imagine .. as the center develops.



The center is led by the director of the center, appointed by the dean.

·  Jesper Strandgaard, Professor at the Department of Organization (1. mar 2007 - present)

·  Mark Lorenzen, Associate Professor at the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics (1. feb 2006 - 1. mar 2007)

·  Jesper Strandgaard, Associate Professor at the Department of Organization (1. feb 2005 - 1. feb 2006)

·  Brian Moeran, Professor at the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (1. mar 2004 - 1. feb 2005)

The center is physically located in the department to which the appointed center director is affiliated.

The center is headed by a board consisting of the center's director and directors (or designated representatives) for each of the six departments involved within CBS. The Board also consults external representatives from the creative industries.

Board's primary role is to set the annual budget and the long-term strategy as well as to plan and coordinate teaching, research and other academic activities. In addition, members choose new partners, plan how to secure further resources and connect with creative industries and business partners.

The center is supported by an international research group (IRAG - International Research Advisory Group), composed of internationally renowned academics from leading foreign research institutions. The role of the group, among others, include advising members of imagine .. in terms of research and other related activities, to consider possible joint research programs in collaboration with members from other academic institutions around the world and to enable long-term study visits of the center's PhD students.



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imagine .. Creative Industries Research

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Director of the centre: Jesper Strandgaard
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