Seminar w/ Michael Hutter: The Rise of the joyful economy. Artistic invention and economic growth from Brunelleschi to Murakami

Seminar w/ Michael Hutter (WZB Berlin Social Science Center). Discussants: Pierre G. de Montheux & Niels Å. Andersen (MPP)




How are artistic ideas transformed into successful commercial products, and how does economic change impact on artistic inventions? In other words: where does novelty come from? The study presented looks at society as a process in which social players move in diverse plays of value, irritating and fascinating each other along the way. A series of cases is explored, from the effect of imaginary linear perspectives paintings on real buildings, gardens and cities in early modernity, to the effect of industrial trademarks, like the Vuitton Monogram, on postmodern conceptual artworks. As the consumption skills of audience improve, interventions across the range of diverse worlds of value become popular, and accelerate the growth of an economy sourced by novelties.


Practical information:

Time: Wed 12 Oct, 13.00-15.00

Place: CBS, Råvarebygningen Porcelænshaven 22, room: R4.17

Contact: Morten Rishede, 


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