Opportunities and Challenges for Danish medium-sized exporters in Africa - A report by Michael W. Hansen and Henrik Gundelach


Opportunities and challenges for Danish medium-sized exporters in Africa

- Lessons learned from the DI Africanisation project 2016-18


In 2016, the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) embarked on the project ”Africanisation: From Næstved to Nairobi” – henceforth the Africanisation project. Through intensive advice and network facilitation, the project would assist 14 Danish medium-sized companies in starting up and further developing export to East Africa. The Danish Industry Foundation (IF) supported the project financially. The background for the project was based on previous DI analyses which indicated that Danish companies, and here especially medium-sized companies, were not exploiting the export potential of Africa to the extent of other like countries. The project was explorative in the sense that various new export support methods were developed and implemented. An evaluation team from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) followed the project to determine progress and extract learnings. You can find the report PDF iconhere

Written by: Michael W. Hansen and Henrik Gundelach, Center for Business and Development Studies


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