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Asia Research Community is a specialized research group within the Copenhagen Business School offering high-quality research and teaching in the field of Asian studies

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ARC is a specialized research group within the Copenhagen Business School offering high-quality research on important aspects of the tectonic shifts in the global economy and the rise of Asia. ARC is one of the leading research entities on Asia in the Nordic region. The strength of the community is its broad range of disciplines and geographical competence. This is a core competence which sets ARC apart from research centers in Asian Studies in Europe and provides the basis for high-quality interdisciplinary research.  In the next five years ARC will enlarge its research portfolio by attracting strong talent, which can undertake cutting-edge research within the community’s particular areas of strengths on China, India, Japan, and the region of Southeast Asia with particular emphasis on Indonesia and Malaysia. ARC will collaborate with other researchers at CBS and research organizations worldwide.
ARC strives to provide up-to-date research and reliable analysis of current political, social, economic and business developments associated with and contributing to the present tectonic shift from West to East in global economics and business development. In understanding and coming to grips with the implications of these immense changes in the Asian region, ARC focuses in particular on China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia/Indonesia. Furthermore, ARC is to maintain CBS’s position as the key research community for Asian studies in the Nordic region.

This implies:

  • To deepen and upgrade Asia-related research activities at CBS as a whole and establish research projects and networks focusing on Asia, which have international reach and impact.
  • To contribute with research based educational inputs to the International Business in Asia (BSc.) Program and introduce relevant Asia-related materials in other courses at CBS, including Executive Education.
  • To disseminate its results to the international research community, to the business world and to the public.

Important means to reach these goals are to continue to:

  • Undertake high-quality contextualized research on contemporary developments in the Asian region.
  • Edit and publish the Copenhagen Discussion Papers (working paper series on Asia).
  • Cooperate with Danish and international business and academic partners as well as governmental institutions and NGOs.
  • Participate in the public debate through the media and give talks in business, governmental and public settings.
  • Maintain CBS’s first mover advantage in business-related Asian Studies in the Nordic area.
  • Host foreign visitors who can contribute to the research environment at ARC.
  • Maintain ARC’s position as the best place to do Asia-related research at CBS while stimulating cross-departmental research and teaching initiatives.
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