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The Northeast Asia research unit carries out research within international economics, international business and management, with perspectives from sociology, anthropology, and political science. The research currently focus on Japan, with a cross-national, regional or global perspective. ARC also hosts the Japanese Language Proficiency test (JLPT) and is home to the danish section of Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation.

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Although China’s economic development has led to a gradual westward shift in East Asia’s economic center of gravity, Japan and South Korea remain important global players. Japan is the world’s third largest economy; Korea ranks as number eleven. Per capita incomes in Japan and South Korea are between four and five times higher than in China, and the concentration of purchasing power in cities like Tokyo and Seoul is rare even in a global perspective. The Northeast Asia research unit studies the economic and business development in Japan and South Korea from several different perspectives. Projects look at Japan and Korea as markets and investment destinations, analyze the institutional, cultural, demographic, and political changes in the national economies, and study Japanese and Korean firms as global and regional actors. The regional perspective – with an emphasis on the relationship with China – is of special interest. Several members of ARC also have particular experience of work focusing on North Korea.

Ari Kokko (


Faith Hatani gives keynote speech at the international conference on "Transformation of Global and Japanese Business in Digital Age"

The bachelor program International business in Asia (IBA) opens a direction with Japanese language and research based teaching in the fall of 2020.

Assistant professor Tine Walravens and PhD fellow Kristina Kazuhara participates in the Sasakawa foundation's Scandinavian conference hosted by Iceland university in August 2020.  

On 23-24 June 2019 CBS hosts the 32nd Annual Conference of The Association of Japanese Business Studies. From CBS Ari Kokko, Lisbeth Clausen, Camilla Nelleman and visiting scholar Toshiya Ozaki participates, while Faith Hatani is the local organizer.  See news on the key note speech

Professor Toshiya Ozaki from Rikkyo Univerity, Japan, is visiting scholar at ARC from 16 November 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Kristina Kazuhara invited as Speaker at the International Symposium: The 4th Dialogue between Civilizations, held 14-15 March 2019 at Tokai University European Center. The title of the presentation was 'The Relation between Bicultural identity and Bilingual Competences and their importance for Global Organizations – Tracing Bicultural Talent within Multinational Corporations'

ARC researchers in the Northeast Asia Research Unit

Lisbeth Clausen

Faith Hatani

Kristina Kazuhara

Ari Kokko

Tine Walravens

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