CBS' Open Access Policy

CBS’ Open Access Policy was revised in May 2019, to be compliant with Denmark’s National Strategy and Open Access requirements from external funders.

The policy applies to researchers and academic staff at CBS, involved in producing research publications. It also applies to CBS as an institution, and to the administrative staff working with Open Access.

To avoid significant increases in the total costs of scientific publishing, CBS focuses on Green Open Access. CBS recognizes that paying for Open Access can be necessary in certain circumstances. This especially applies when Open Access requirements from external funders cannot be realized through Green Open Access, because the publication channel does not allow it.

CBS researchers are committed to the following:

  • Saving the accepted version (after peer-review, before the publisher’s layout) of their research articles, for the purpose of making them publicly available through CBS’ institutional repository.
  • Informing themselves of their funders’ Open Access requirements, and follow these.

CBS Library makes the accepted versions available via CBS Research Portal, and offers help and guidance regarding Open Access and compliance with the national strategy and with funders’ Open Access requirements.

Denmark’s National Strategy for Open Access

The national strategy (2018) has the following vision and targets:

Vision: To create free access for all citizens, researchers and companies to all research articles from Danish research institutions financed by public authorities and/or private foundations.

Target: From 2025 onwards, there should be unimpeded digital access for all to all peer-reviewed scientific articles from Danish research institutions – with a maximum 12-month embargo.

The implementation of the strategy at the Danish universities is monitored by the Open Access Indicator.


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