Open Access at CBS

CBS sees responsibility for bringing knowledge and new thinking to students, companies, academia – and to society as a whole – as a principal part of its mission. Open Access is an excellent means to accomplish this goal.

In 2008, CBS signed the Berlin Declaration which in 2009 led to the formulation of an actual policy on Open Access at CBS. The policy was revised in 2019 to be in alignment with Denmark’s National Strategy for Open Access and with external funders’ Open Access requirements. Find CBS’ Open Access policy here.

CBS follows the Green Open Access-route, which means that accepted versions of research articles are made available as Open Access through CBS Research Portal – in accordance with publishers’ Open Access policies.

Read more about the Open Access requirements that CBS researchers meet, and how it is possible to comply with them, by clicking on the blue boxes below:

Denmark's National Strategy for Open AccessFunders' Open Access requirementsCBS Open Access policy

Benefits of Open Access
As reflected in the image below, there are several benefits of making publications available as Open Access. Besides getting more exposure, several studies show that Open Access-articles receive higher citation rates. By making publications available as Open Access, it becomes easier for researchers from all over the world to access and use the findings. The paywall barrier is removed, and no one is prevented from gaining access.


Open access in blue by Umeå University Library is licensed under CC BY Attribution 4.0 International


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