Find Open Access publications from CBS

You can find Open Access publications in CBS Research Portal or via the journal platform CBS Open Journals.

CBS Research Portal

CBS Research Portal is CBS’ publication database. In the database, you can look for CBS research output and communication activities. You can also find dissertations from CBS students. 

It is possible to limit your search to researchers, organizations, publications, activities, etc.

You can also limit your search to Open Access-publications.

The CBS Research Portal is also a repository containing full-text versions of publications. The full-text content is Open Access and freely available for anyone. You can find and download full-text versions of scientific articles, PhD theses, working papers, student theses, reports and conference papers.

CBS Research Portal

CBS Open Journals is CBS’ online publishing platform for scholarly journals. The platform comprises a - variety of journals co-published by CBS researchers.

All journals on CBS Open Journals are Open Access and all content is freely available to download and read.   

CBS Open Journals currently hosts the following journals:

If you wish to submit an article for publication in one of the hosted journals you can either upload it online or contact a member of the editorial staff.

Find more information about submitting an article on the journal homepages.

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