• 08.11.2016

    Follow your favourite journals

    With only a few exceptions all digital journals in the CBS Library catalogue allow you to subscribe to an e-mail notification service that will alert you whenever a new issue becomes available.
  • 06.01.2016

    Mediestream - discover the pearls of Danish media

    The database Mediestream allows you to burrow into Danish media heritage. Search in newspapers published before 1917 and listen to your old favourite radio broadcast, watch documentaries , enjoy cinema advertisements from the sixties, and much more.
  • 07.10.2015

    5 reasons to use CBS Library

    Why use the library with Google at hand? What does the library have to offer that I cannot find online? Is the library not just a place crammed with books? Read on and learn why the library is an excellent study partner.
  • 20.05.2015

    Database: Oxford Reference

    If you looking for information on a person, verifying a fact, or trying to find the definition of a concept or a term, Oxford Reference is a good place to start.
  • 26.03.2015

    New lounge areas at CBS Library

    We have now introduced brand new furnishings of different shapes and colours on the 1st and 2nd floors of CBS Library Solbjerg Plads.