Sådan finder du peer reviewed artikler

Flere undervisere på CBS ønsker, at studerende bruger artikler, som er peer reviewed, i deres opgaver. Heldigvis er der en enkel måde at finde den slags artikler.

Result with various publication types
Limited to peer reviewed articles
More keywords added to limit result

There is a simple and effective way to find peer reviewed articles. CBS Library's search system Libsearch has a special feature that quickly filters out anything other than peer reviewed articles from the search results.

In Libsearch, you can start your search by topic and then limit the results to show only peer reviewed articles. This is done in the left side menu.

The hardest part is finding the best keywords. Therefore, you should do some trial-and-error searches and come up with synonyms for your topic.

Find peer reviewed articles in just a few clicks

Here's an example:

  1. Go to libsearch.cbs.dk
  2. Search for your topic e.g. meat substitute (more than 2500 hits)
  3. Reduce to "Peer Reviewed" in the left side (reduced to approx. 1700 hits)

Get fewer and more relevant hits

In the example above, the number of hits is reduced from 2500 to 1700. That is still a lot to look through. 

Consider reducing the number by limiting the year range.

You can also add more relevant keywords to limit your search, for example by adding consumer attitudes. In this example, the number of peer reviewed articles is reduced to 91. A much more manageable search result.

Librarians are always ready to help with searching when you get stuck.

Bonus information

What does it mean that an article is peer reviewed?

Peer review is quality control in the academic world. Researchers who have written an article about their research and methods submit it to a journal. The journal’s editorial team then sends the research article for review by other researchers with knowledge in the field, who assess the quality before the article is published.

How do you check that an article is peer reviewed?

An article is published in a journal. It is the journal itself that you need to check to know if an article is peer reviewed. In Libsearch, you can look up journals via the Find Journals menu and see if they have a purple peer review label. Alternatively, find the journal's website and read the about section.

What is Libsearch?

Libsearch is the library's search system. It contains all the physical materials in the library and all the online books, journals and articles we subscribe to.

The page was last edited by: CBS Library // 02/06/2024