• 14.11.2014

    Conference on changing grocery trade

    Leading grocery trade groups are in a hard elimination race and there are signs that customer behaviour and shopping habits are changing. In cooperation with Berlingske, CBS invites you to a conference where you can learn more about a changing industry.
  • 13.11.2014

    Why does CBS need diversity and inclusion?

    This month's column by CBS' Senior Management is about diversity. President Per Holten-Andersen describes in the column how CBS will fight for the development of gender equality with the purpose of creating the best possible conditions for diversity and inclusion between employees and students
  • 12.11.2014

    Research Reporter November

    Business model coherence, the success story of FDB furniture and how a company's past can help shape its future. Read about new CBS publications in this month's Research Reporter.
  • 06.11.2014

    Research on modern working life wins talent award

    The Nykredit Foundation gave its 2014 Talent Award to Assistant Professor Susanne Ekman, PhD, Department of Organization for her work on how knowledge workers see modern working life.
  • 31.10.2014

    CBS in November

    How culture plays a role in society, Danish business research on our southern neighbour, and the importance of e-commerce on distribution are just some of the topics that will be discussed at events at CBS in November.
  • 28.10.2014

    Christian Stadil becomes adjunct professor

    On 4 November a unique player in the Danish corporate sector is appointed adjunct professor of creative leadership by CBS. The businessman behind brands such as Hummel, Christian Stadil, will share his insight into entrepreneurship and management philosophy with students at CBS.
  • 27.10.2014

    CBS appoints first honorary alumnus

    Andreas Nicolaisen was appointed as the first honorary alumnus in the history of CBS on Friday. He was awarded this honour for his contributions to the field of accounting and for his significant charity work.
  • 24.10.2014

    Claus Meyer named adjunct professor at CBS

    Over the next five years CBS can look forward to increased collaboration with food entrepreneur Claus Meyer. On Wednesday he will give his inaugural lecture as a new adjunct professor at CBS.