• 11.09.2015

    FRIC'15 in pictures

    On August 24-25, 2015 Center for Financial Frictions (FRIC) and the ERC project FRICTIONS at The Department of Finance hosted the third international conference on financial frictions: FRIC'15 Conference on Efficiently Inefficient Markets
  • 02.09.2015

    Government cuts will have hard impact on CBS

    The new government is preparing to cut billions at the universities. Private companies in Denmark are calling for more CBS graduates and for several years CBS has rejected a record number of qualified applicants. CBS has just come through a major cost-cutting round and has documented a general underfunding. The President will take up the consequences with the Minister.
  • 02.07.2015

    July at CBS

    Many Summer University students will visit CBS in July. The International Summer University Programme (ISUP) and CBS Executive offer courses for both university students and employees from the public and private sector.
  • 05.05.2015

    ”Women who studied were dangerous”

    The auditorium was filled yesterday when CBS hosted the conference, More Women in Science. The minister of higher education and science, the president of CBS and others from the research community agreed to make an effort in the future to ensure that talented female researchers stay in the game.