• 03.12.2014

    EU growth plan - a way to save Europe? Find a CBS expert

    Growth plan from the EU will inject over 2,300 billion DKK into the European countries to start up investments and growth engine. In cooperation with the European Investment Bank, the EU will make 150 billion DKK available. According to the plan, the rest of the pool will be co-financed by investment funds and pension funds. Public private partnerships (PPP) are a key element for the plan's success. Here you will find the names of CBS researchers who can give a comment on the EU's ambitious growth plan and put it into perspective.
  • 02.12.2014

    The Copenhagen Triangle

    In this month’s column by CBS' Senior Management, Alan Irwin, Dean of Research, writes about the inverted Bermuda Triangle, The Copenhagen Triangle, a place where people, ideas and innovation surprisingly appear and sustain and encourage one another.
  • 28.11.2014

    CBS in December

    Meet the best researcher in entrepreneurship. Come behind the scenes at legal consultations between Danish and Chinese top officials and find out how two research branches are combined in a new way and which issues that can bring. These are some of the activities at CBS in December.
  • 19.11.2014

    Peter Høngaard Andersen becomes adjunct professor

    One of the top players in the Danish pharmaceutical industry is appointed adjunct professor in early December at the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics. The appointment will be followed by a conference.
  • 18.11.2014

    A programme success turns 30

    Almost 1500 graduates have received the title of MSc BACL (cand.merc.(jur.)) from CBS over the past 30 years. The programme combines law and business and these days it is one of CBS' five biggest graduate programmes in terms of the number of graduates.