Danish newspaper follows students for a year

Next year, Danish newspaper Berlingske will follow CBS students in the talent programme GLOBE closely through features and student diaries.


By Mikael Koldby
In the year to come, Copenhagen Business School's international talent programme GLOBE will be followed by the national newspaper Berlingske. Once a month, the careers supplement of the paper will pay the programme and six students from Denmark, USA and Hong Kong a visit and provide an insight into the development of the top business leaders of tomorrow, says Frederik M. Juel, Journalist at Berlingske and coordinator of the series.

- This series will portray how young people are prepared for an increasingly global labour market where national borders are transcended. It is an international talent programme with some of the most skilled students. What are they actually learning that prepares them for top posts in the corporate sector? That is what we want to write about, says Frederik M. Juel.

54 students from 3 universities
CBS fosters top executives in all programmes, but the talent programmes EngAGE and GLOBE are targeted at the best students. GLOBE is short for Global Learning Opportunities In Business Education, and this is the eighth year that this programme is being run. 54 students have been enrolled this year. Together with Copenhagen Business School, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of North Carolina will be teaching the students global business strategies on three different continents for 18 months.

Jakob Fredsgaard Simonsen started in the GLOBE programme in the summer of 2013. He is part of a communication group, which has helped establish the collaboration with Berlingske.

- We want to give an impression of GLOBE and encourage potential students to study International Business at CBS, which is the gateway to GLOBE. GLOBE aims to teach the students the importance of cooperating across nationality and culture at a relatively young age. I hope that the programme and Berlingske's coverage will help to show how the programme prepares us to operate in a globalised world and that it inspires other universities in Denmark to do the same, says Jakob Fredsgaard Simonsen.

A new chapter every month
The first part of the series - portraits of the six protagonists - was published a few days ago. Apart from the summer holiday, Berlingske readers will be able to read a new a chapter once a month until December 2014.

- I hope that our readers will enjoy the series and that people interested in business will get inspired by Danes venturing abroad, says Frederik M. Juel from Berlingske.

For more information about Globe, please contact Martin Jes Iversen, Programme Director and Associate Professor, email mi.mpp@cbs.dk or CBS’ Press Team.

What is GLOBE?
GLOBE is a programme for undergraduate students. Students enrolled in the BSc in International Business at CBS are eligible for applying at the GLOBE programme, which runs from 3rd to 5th semester. The 8th GLOBE class includes 18 students from CBS, 18 students from North Carolina, and 18 students from Hong Kong, a total of 54 talents. The class takes one semester at each university. The students study, work and live together during the 3 semesters.

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