Green Business Fourm

The Green Transition is a core priority at CBS. The Green Business Forum creates space for showcasing best practices and facilitating a discussion on where action is still needed.


The Green Business Forum is a conference-style event hosted by CBS and a group of sustainable student organizations. It creates a frame for business professionals, enrichened by perspectives from academia and students, to come together to discuss, test and move ideas forward. The program will consist of a variety of events, diverse in format (e.g.: a mix between panel discussions, key-note speeches, networking sessions, workshops, interactive case competitions), in audience (e.g.: some exclusive, some open to the public, some students-only), and providers (e.g.: provided by businesses, faculty, students, NGOs, thinktanks). The Green Business Forum creates a forum where state-of-the-art knowledge can be shared widely among peers, that stakeholders can learn from and challenge each other’s and CBS’ approaches.

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