CBS offers special conditions to Ukrainian applicants for this year’s admission

CBS has implemented special deadlines and application procedures for Ukrainian refugees looking to apply for a bachelor or master’s programme at CBS to ensure swift help and clarification of possibilities.


The war in Ukraine has forced millions of people to flee their homes – including students who need to start or complete their education.

CBS is not allowed to set aside any rules about entry requirements, but we have adopted special procedures and extended deadlines for Ukrainian applicants. This means that Ukrainian refugees interested in a programme at CBS can get a swift clarification of their possibilities for being accepted and can get help with documentation and application.

Here on, we have gathered all relevant information about applying for a bachelor or master’s programme at CBS, including information about:

  • Residence permit in Denmark
  • How to apply for a bachelor or master’s programme at CBS
  • Financial aid
  • General information about coming to Denmark

If you are a Ukrainian refugee looking to apply to CBS, or if you know of any Ukrainian refugees who need information about CBS, please visit the following pages:

Information to Ukrainian applicants – bachelor programmes

Information to Ukrainian applicants – master’s programmes


The page was last edited by: Web editor - Student Communications // 01/25/2024