3,230 new bachelor students at CBS

This year, CBS welcomes 3,230 new bachelor students after the summer holidays. Close to one third of the new bachelor students are admitted through quota 2 where selection is based on post-upper secondary experience and motivation.


Foto: Bjarke MacCarthy
Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

Wednesday 28 July CBS sends out e-mails to everyone admitted to a bachelor programme at CBS. Approximately 5,500 ambitious applicants have a CBS programme as their first priority of education.

"We are pleased that so many are applying to CBS. Our graduates are in demand in businesses because we are a university striving to make a difference and to help solve the challenges facing companies, communities and society as a whole. We are very much looking forward to greeting all of our new students at the introductory courses during the last week of August, and even on campus," says President Nikolaj Malchow-Møller.

Many paths lead to exciting jobs
This year, CBS has 5,491 first-priority applicants and a total of 7,761 applicants for 3,230 study places. This is a dozen more seats than last year, where the number of study places was raised significantly by agreement with the parliament due to covid-19.

"Unfortunately, we cannot admit everyone who wants to study with us. It is important to keep in mind that, going forward, we all need to educate ourselves throughout our lives. We will have more careers and learning must be lifelong. There are many paths to receiving a really good education. The education you start out with is not crucial for exciting job offers in the future", says President Nikolaj Malchow-Møller.

Opportunities with quota 2
At CBS, the number of places in quota 2 has increased again and now counts 953 study places. This means that close to every third new bachelor student is admitted through selection in quota 2. Selection in quota 2 emphasises what applicants have done after their upper secondary education, and especially the motivational essay, and thereby the ability to reflect on experiences and relate it to the educational programme, is important. This year, due to covid-19 and travel restrictions, experience from travelling abroad has had less of an emphasis in the evaluation of applicants in quota 2.

In two years, 111 new quota 2 places have been created, and not all applicants are aware of the possibility of applying in quota 2. This year, HA(psyk.) - Erhvervsøkonomi og psykologi, HA Almen Erhvervsøkonomi and HA(pro.) - Erhvervsøkonomi og projektledelse (all Danish taught programmes) are the three programmes proving most difficult to get into through quota 2, measured by the number of rejected applicants. The three programmes requiring the highest entry grade point averages (GPAs) in quota 1 are International Business, with a small decline in entry GPA to 11.1, on par with International Business and Politics, closely followed by Business Administration and Sociolog.

New structure of MSc in Economics and Business Administration (cand.merc.) in 2023
Focusing on the possibilities as well as the challenges that digitalisation creates for companies, BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management is popular and has received 418 first-priority applicants this year. The entry GPA has increased a notch by 0.3 since last year to 10.0. Again this year, HA Almen Erhvervsøkonomi is the study programme with most study places and this coming semester 760 new students will begin their studies here. The entry GPA has decreased slightly by 0.3 to 8.0. The main reason is likely that a grade requirement of 6.0 in English at level B has been introduced to ensure the quality of language skills. This has been implemented as a part of the preparations for a new structure at MSc in Economics and Business Administration from 2023.

This year, the span within the entry GPAs has narrowed and all entry GPAs are between 8.0-11.1. Last year, they spanned from 7.7-11.3. This year again, CBS has limited access on all programmes, meaning that qualified applicants are rejected, and applicants must have at least 8.0 in GPA to be considered in quota 1. All places are filled up, and, unfortunately, there are no available places or waiting lists.

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