Are you waiting for post from CBS?


CBS has posted letters of acceptance offering study places or standby places. Read here to find out what to do when you have received your letter.


Yesterday, on 29 July letters of acceptance were sent to those of you who have been offered a study place at CBS. If you live in Denmark, you are likely to receive a letter today Wednesday 30 July.

If you receive a letter from CBS it will include either an offer of admission for 1 September 2014 or a position on the standby list.


Offer of admission

If you are offered admission and you wish to commence your programme in September, you must confirm your acceptance before the deadline given in the letter or lose your place.

You confirm your place by accessing the link enclosed in the letter, logging in with the username and password provided, and clicking ’Confirm your place of study’ to the offer of admission.

Remember that if you are currently doing a supplementary course in order to fulfill the entry requirements you must submit documentation for the course being passed to the Admissions Office by 15 September 2014. Failure to submit documentation before the deadline will result in an annulment of the offer of admission.


Offer of a Standby place

If you receive a letter offering you a place on the standby list, this means that you will either be offered admission next year or on a rolling basis this year, if places become available. Whether spaces become available depends upon how many turn down their offers of admission.

If you are offered a place with study start 1 September 2014, you would soon receive a follow-up letter from CBS which requires you to confirm your interest in the study place.


One offer of admission

You will receive only one offer of admission. If you have applied for different programmes in Denmark, you will only be offered one place of study from the university making the offer. It is not possible to choose, move, or exchange an offer of admission to another programme now. Accordingly, it is not possible to add a wish for a standby place at this point of time. If you are not admitted to any study programme to which you applied, you will receive a letter from the KOT (The Coordinated Admission System).


Are there available places?

A common question is whether CBS has available places. The answer is, unfortunately, no. All spaces are filled at CBS and we unfortunately had to reject many qualified applicants this year as we only have a limited number of study places at CBS.


Best of luck to all!

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