Meet Ignacio, a student from Digital Business

Why did I choose my programme (and CBS)?
I chose my programme in Digital business because I wanted to learn the business skills I lacked, and I thought that focusing on the digital aspect of it would be an effective way to differentiate me from other graduates. Also, I was a bit disappointed with my bachelor’s due to the difficulties of landing a job. 

I chose to pursue a master’s degree at CBS because of its international recognition and because they facilitate the process for international students. 

What do I like the best?
What I enjoyed the most was the multidisciplinary approach to education: business, technology and law mixed altogether. I was able to combine the courses I enjoyed the most to follow a personalised path and avoid those courses I felt were not that necessary for the path I wanted to take.

I also love the many opportunities that CBS brings to students to help ease the process of getting a first real and qualified job.

I enjoyed the closeness of professors, where I could just call them by their name, as well as their availability to help.

How do I experience the difference in academic level between my bachelor and master programme?
Firstly, the intense group work load. I wasn’t used to working in teams during my bachelor’s and that was the biggest difference during the master’s. 

Secondly, the long projects. I had to improve my time management skills for projects in which I had to work for over 3 months, compared to my bachelor’s where the projects required less time.

Also, one of the things that made me realise that I wasn’t on bachelor level anymore was the freedom I got in relation to learning. It’s on the student to decide how deep you want to learn about something.

What are the biggest challenges in my programme?
My lack of knowledge of the technology aspects, i.e. programming. I had a hard time with the programming course where I had to retake the course.

Also, I felt lack of introduction to those technology aspects – a lot is taken for granted. I didn't even know what blockchain was at the beginning of the programme!

Lastly, making new friends was a real challenge. As the only one from Spain, it was difficult to become friends with people with other cultures from Northern Europe who can feel a bit "cold" at the beginning. 

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?
I wished someone had advised me to seek academic guidance to get help on how I wanted to approach my own path. It was difficult for me to learn that I was responsible for creating the most coherent academic path and for deciding which courses were beneficial for me. 

Also, I wished someone had told me that it’s okay to fail. I had to make an alternative study plan myself with help from CBS. It’s okay to take longer to reach your goal and I wished someone told me that.

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?
I would love to land in a big corporation with international recognition. I would also love to work within the digital transformation industry. In essence, I want to build a career where my background in communication and digital business can coexist.

I personally would like to work within the design industry, and Denmark is a great place if you enjoy the furniture design, which I deeply do. CBS taught me a lot about interesting corporations where I can see myself working.

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…
Reach out to previous students. That step is essential for getting insights that are not available online. 

Get familiarised with technology topics - I remember everyone knew what blockchain or cryptos consisted of. I felt left out.

Lastly, I would recommend joining a club that interests you. I personally joined the "Design and Living club", which helped me land a job within the jewellery industry where I currently am.

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