Research: New study investigates how technology choices affect technical energy efficiency and compliance with the EEDI regulation

CBS Scholars Franz Buchmann & Leonardo Santiago present novel research on energy efficient design at the Informs Annual Meeting



Photo by Dominik Lückmann on Unsplash


Associate Professor Leonardo Santiago recently chaired the session Technology Management & Sustainable Operations at the 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting. At the session, three research papers were presented; PHD Fellow Franz Buchmann was one of the participants. He presented the paper “Energy Efficiency Design in the Maritime Industry: Empirical Assessment and Implications of the EEDI Regulation “.

Currently, the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) regulation is the main instrument to improve and foster energy efficiency in the maritime industry. By stipulating minimum performance requirements for newly built vessels, the regulation primarily targets vessels with low energy efficiency designs. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the potential of machinery and ship design parameters to improve energy efficiency, especially for vessels with low energy efficiency. In addition, the decision of whether to adopt alternative fuels and to retrofit existing vessels are key for ship owners seeking to optimize their fleet to reduce their overall carbon footprint. The study investigates how these two key decisions influence compliance with the different reduction targets mandated by the EEDI regulation. The authors compiled a novel dataset encompassing the individual ship characteristics and technical energy efficiency of over 2,000 vessels to address these questions. Using advanced empirical methods, the findings of the study will support managers and policy makers in driving the green transition of the maritime industry.

“Decision making when constrained by heavy regulation and with the aim of furthering agendas of green transition and decarbonization, is an urgent operational dilemma facing the maritime industry. I’m happy to see our faculty engage with this intriguing subject and to see how our department and CBS Maritime are developing a knowledge base that can help solve the societal challenge of managing the green transition”.

Carsten Ørts Hansen, Head of the Department of Operations Management

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