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Centre For Business History

Centre for Business History at its Summer Seminar 2021, Smidstrup Strand Refugium.

[Centre for Business History at its Summer Seminar 2021, Smidstrup Strand Refugium.]


Welcome to the Centre for Business History!

Copenhagen Business School is committed to research and teaching that responds to the great challenges of today's and tomorrow's business world. At the Centre for Business History, we foster understanding of current business phenomena by studying their evolution in time and over time. As any business professional knows, the temptation of the quick fix only distorts complex decision-making. It is our mission to explore how history and temporality contribute to a better understanding of society and business – for research, education and business practice.

We understand ourselves as historians at a business university and focus on the role and responsibility of business in and for society. Since its founding in 1999, the Centre for Business History provides a space for open interdisciplinary exchange and explorations of what we broadly describe as "business humanities." Rather than going for the easy formula, we are curious about ambiguity. We believe that tackling major business problems always requires "contextual intelligence," that is, a clear sense of the business environment to navigate. The value of deep business knowledge becomes meaningful when it is placed in context.


What we do

As a cross-disciplinary group of scholars focused on the role of history in a business school, we advance a variety of conceptual and methodological approaches to the relationship between past, present and future. We study the intersecting histories of capitalism, business enterprise, entrepreneurship, politics, and culture as they shape and transform the development of human societies over time. As a Centre, our aim is to deepen historical awareness and reflexivity to grapple with the pressing challenges of human society today.

Forward-looking leadership requires contextual intelligence. Ken Chenault, former CEO of American Express, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs all started their careers by studying context, time and change – just like us. It is our mission to reimagine the power of historical thinking in and for business.

For more about our scholarship see Research Page

Where we disseminate our work

We are featured regularly and prominently in the Danish and international media. We speak out in the print press, in podcasts and on the radio.

For example Anders Ravn Sørensen makes radio appearances on P1, Kulturen på P1 and Orientering, or Joachim Lund who makes regular appearances in the book review section of Information.

For more on our dissemination see Public Outreach


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