Public Outreach

In the media

We are featured regularly and prominently in the Danish and international media

  • Our researchers are affiliated, and run the CBS Center for Civil Society Studies. They take part in expert committees on media and civil society issues, mass media, practitioner workshop and summer school courses in the CBS/Executive framework.
    • "Danish social sciences have a lot to offer when it comes to studies concerning the state and the market, but not nearly as much when it comes to “the third sector”, where associations, foundations and other self-governing organizations play leading roles. The CBS Center for Civil Society Studies (CfC) will try to remedy this lack of research-based knowledge." (Om Centret, Civilsamfundet - translated to english)
  • We have also featured articles in Danish newspapers through notably Anders Ravn Sørensen, and have more media appearances through Joachim Lund, including within:
  • Radio appearances on P1, Kulturen på P1 and Orientering with Anders Raven Sørensen as well as Joachim Lund.
  • Podcasts distributed via public outreach site connected to the ReNEW project through Michael Bennedsen Hanson.
  • Book reviews in newspaper Information with Joachim Lund.
  • Louise Karlskov Skyggebjerg also has a strong media presence taking part in articles, documentaries and more.
    • She has recently been also on local Danish television (as expert on the inventor Ellehammer) and have written a feature in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende about Elise Sørensen and her ostomy bag (a start-up story about Coloplast, today having 12.000 employees worldwide).
    • She has also been on 2 documentaries pertaining around the inventions of Ellehammer. In 1:2 and 2:2
    • She was also heavily involved in making the tekniskkulturarv website with DTU Library.
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