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FRIC Events

Center for Financial Frictions (FRIC) hosted a number of different research activities each semester. We had regular finance seminars as well as practitioner seminars. We also organized workshops and mini symposia as well as conferences on a regular basis.

FRIC Events

FRIC hosted several seminars each semester and they were all open to everyone who wanted to attend. There were different types of FRIC seminars, as well as conferences and events - see more about each type below. In the menu on the left, you can see all our previous events.

Event types

As part of the Department of Finance seminar series, FRIC regularly hosted research seminars with invited international speakers. They often took place on Fridays at 11.00.

The FRIC Practitioner Seminars series aimed to help finance researchers and other practitioners understand the institutional setting of financial markets, and to keep up with financial innovation and changes in the regulatory environment. They often took place on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

FRIC Brown bag seminars were more informal seminars where you bring your own lunch.

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