Center for Financial Frictions

FRIC Staff

The FRIC staff members can be found below. You can filter the listing by choosing 'Select job category'. We work together with 4 associate members outside CBS who can be found in the menu above under 'Associate members'

David Lando Director of the centre +4538153613
Julie de Molade2017 Julie de Molade Centre coordinator +4538153737
First name Last name title phone mail
Andreas Bang Nielsen PhD fellow +4538153318
Søren Bundgaard Brøgger PhD fellow +4538153556
Andreas Brøgger Andreas Brøgger PhD fellow +4538153632
Susan Christoffersen Visiting Professor susan.chr...
Stine Louise Daetz PhD fellow
Jens Dick-Nielsen Associate professor +4538153584
Peter Feldhütter Professor +4538153753
Mads Gelting Bech Mads Gelting Bech FRIC Research Assistant
Niels Joachim Gormsen PhD fellow +4538153325
Theis Ingerslev Jensen Theis Ingerslev Jensen FRIC Research Assistant
Christian Skov Jensen PhD fellow
Benjamin Knox PhD fellow +4538153555
Lars Christian Larsen Lars Christian Larsen PhD fellow +4538153643
Frederik Madsen FRIC Research Assistant
Kristian Miltersen Professor +4538153579
Pia Mølgaard PhD fellow +4538153595
Mads Stenbo Nielsen Associate professor +4538153602
Lasse Heje Pedersen Professor +4538153902
Thomas Kjær Poulsen Thomas Kjær Poulsen PhD fellow +4538152609
Stine Ludwig Stine Qvistgaard Ludwig FRIC Research Assistant
Daniel Streitz Daniel Streitz Assistant professor +4538153704
Jakob Blaabjerg Ahm Sørensen PhD fellow +4538153546
Gyuri Venter Gyuri Venter Assistant professor +4538152795
Christian Wagner Professor with special responsibilities +4538153621
Ramona Westermann Assistant professor +4538153515
Paul Whelan Assistant professor +4538152410