Jan Trzaskowski and Andrej Savin, et al. have published 3rd edition of Introduction to EU Internet Law

The book is written by Jan Trzaskowski, Andrej Savin from CBS LAW as well as Patrik Lindskoug & Björn Lundqvist.


Professor WSR Andrej Savin and Professor WSR Jan Trzaskowski have published a third edition of the book Introduction to EU Internet Law together with Björn Lundqvist from Lund University and Patrik Lindskoug from Stockholm University 

About the book:

Introduction to EU Internet Law provides a thorough introduction to the parts of European Union law that are particularly relevant to the Internet, including electronic commerce. Its eleven chapters introduce, analyse and discuss a variety of legal topics and their application to activities on or relating to the Internet.

The book serves as a valuable resource for lawyers, legal academics and law students who wish to familiarise themselves with Internet law or update their knowledge. It is also suitable as a general introduction for readers without a law background whose skills may be more technological than legal.


About the authors:¨

Jan Trzaskowski, Ph.D., is Law Professor at Copenhagen Business School and Aalborg University. Since the mid-1990s, he has dealt with legal and regulatory aspects of information technology.

Andrej Savin, Ph.D., is Law Professor at Copenhagen Business School. His main research interests relate to information technology law, in particular Internet governance in the US and in Europe. His primary focus is on EU policymaking in the digital single market.

Björn Lundqvist, LL.D., is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Lund University. He has worked with commercial law and international e-commerce law since the mid-1990s. His major fields of interest are commercial law, international and comparative private law and property law.

Patrik Lindskoug, LL.D., is Law Professor at Stockholm University. His research focuses on innovation, competition, property and law, and he takes a particular interest in the regulation of the digital economy.

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