Every semester CBS LAW hosts a number of research seminars. The speakers at the seminars are researchers from CBS LAW or researchers from other institutions. Most seminars are held i Danish.

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Seminar: Network of European Legal Studies (NNELS)
The annual Nordic Network of European Legal Studies (NNELS) was held at CBS LAW on 10 October 2018.
On this page you can find the program as well as presentations from the seminar.

Program of the day: PDF iconNNELS program
Presentation by Juha Raitio (University of Helsinki): PDF iconPresentation NNELS
Presentation by Ruth Nielsen (CBS LAW): PDF iconNNELS presentation

Seminar: Doron Teichman - A behavioral theory of contracts

In late January, CBS LAW hosted the seminar: A behavioral theory of contracts.

In recent years, behavioral findings on people's bounded rationality have greatly contributed to the understanding of contracts and contract law. The behavioral insights challenge some of the claims of standard economic analysis (and are of relevance to other normative perspectives as well).

The talk will present a behavioral theory of contracts, which emphasizes the role of factors such as promise keeping and trust, and examines how these factors are affected by the mode of contracting - individually negotiated versus standard-form contracts. Further, the talk will explore concrete areas of contract law through a behavioral prism, including pre-contractual negotiations, with special emphasis on the role of default rules and other reference points; contract information; and remedies for breach of contract, including agreed-upon remedies. Finally, the talk will review the growing impact of behavioral findings on the regulation of consumer contracts.

Doron Teichman, the speaker, is the Vice Dean and Jacob I. Berman Chair in Law at the faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Moreover, he is the co-author (with Prof. Eyal Zamir) of Behavioral Law and Economics (Oxford University press; 2018).

Seminar: The Centros judgement

CBS LAW celebrated the 20th birthday of the Centros judgement on 9 March 2019. This we did by having a seminar relating to the judgement and its significance for company law.

The Centros judgement is one of the most important judgements of the European Court of Justice and it has been decisive for company law in Europe since 1999.



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