Welcome to CBS!


Welcome to all new bachelor students at CBS! Here is what you need to know right now...


On Saturday 28 July, CBS will respond to everyone who has been admitted to a bachelor programme at CBS. If you have a Danish civil registration number (cpr), you will find the letter in your e-Boks. If you have not applied with a Danish civil registration number, you will receive the letter by regular mail.

Unfortunately, CBS has had to reject many applicants, as we receive far more applications than we offer study places. If you have not been offered a study place, read the article ”You did not get in. What next?"


The letter from CBS will indicate the programme you have been admitted into. You will only receive one offer for a study place. Even though you have applied for several different programmes, you will only receive an answer from the programme in which you have been offered a study place.

Remember to accept the offer!

If you are one of the lucky applicants who have been accepted to CBS, you must remember to accept the offer for a study place no later than 4 August at 12:00 noon. If you fail to accept the offer before the deadline, you will lose your study place.

To accept the offer, you must:

  • Click on the link in your letter of admission
  • Log on using the username and password written in your letter of admission
  • Follow the instructions

Conditionally accepted

If you have been conditionally accepted, for instance because you have taken a supplementary math course during the summer holiday, you must remember to send documentation for having passed the exam no later than 15 September 2018 to:

You will lose your study place if you fail to submit the documentation on time.

Access to CBS’ IT platforms

To access CBS’ IT platforms, you must activate your user profile on help.student.cbs.dk:

  • log on with your username and password written in your letter of admission
  • change your password
  • enter your private e-mail address and your phone number. This information is needed to get a new password in case you forget it

Please note that your username and password are strictly personal. Never pass on your login information to others.

Check out my.cbs.dk

My.cbs.dk is your student intranet. You will be able to log on my.cbs.dk 48 hours after having accepted your study place; however, not before 31 July.

On my.cbs.dk, you can find information about your programme and student life at CBS.

You can also gain easy access to CBS’ other IT platforms, which you are going to use as a student, including:

  • your timetable
  • your student mail
  • Online Student Service
  • Learn - your e-learning platform for communication with your lecturers and fellow students.


All programmes at CBS start with orientation activities. Participating in the orientation activities is not mandatory, but we recommend that you do because it gives you an introduction to the programme and CBS, and you will meet your classmates for the first time. The intro activities give you the best basis for getting off to a good start in your student life.

Read more about orientation activities for your programme and when it starts on my.cbs.dk > My Studies > Study Start > Introductory activities

If you cannot access my.cbs.dk yet, you can read a preliminary programme for your introductory activities here on cbs.dk


When the orientation activities are over and the teaching activities start, students in most programmes will be assigned a mentor who will typically be second- or third-year students. Your mentor will help you to get off to a good start and learn more about campus life. You can already meet some of the mentors at studentlife.cbs.dk and get some tips for a good study start. You can also send them an e-mail if you have any questions about study start.

First day of studies

Your first day of studying is 3 September 2018. The day is called Responsibility Day. All new bachelor students meet at the Tivoli Congress Center, where CBS President Per Holten-Andersen will give the official welcome speech.

Read more about Responsibility Day on my.cbs.dk > My Studies > Study Start > First day

Education grants (SU)

You are enrolled at CBS with study start 1 September. You are therefore eligible for education grants (SU) from 1 September. You are not eligible for SU or public transport discount (ungdomskort) during the orientation activities in August.

You can apply for SU 48 hours AFTER you have accepted your study place, however not earlier than 1 August.

You apply for SU at MinSU on www.su.dk

Read more about SU on my.cbs.dk > Student life > SU > Apply for SU – Danish citizen or at www.su.dk

Are you an international student?

If you are a foreign citizen, you must meet certain conditions and follow a special application process before you can receive SU.

Read more about SU on my.cbs.dk > Student life > SU > Apply for SU – foreign citizen or www.su.dk

Please note that the processing time may take up to 4 months.

Stay updated

It is your own responsibility to stay informed on a regular basis via my.cbs.dkLearn and your CBS-mail. Make sure to continuously check up on these platforms, so you do not miss out on important information.


If you have questions about your admission, you are welcome to contact CBS Admission at bacheloradmission@cbs.dk

If you have questions about your study programme, you are welcome to contact your student guidance counsellor

Our best wishes for three productive and enriching years - welcome to CBS!

The page was last edited by: Student Affairs // 08/02/2018