Ministry of Higher Education and Science: Survey shows extensive development in research for green transition

2020 was a good year for green research in Denmark. A new survey of the allocation of green research funds in 2020 shows that a total of DKK 4.4 billion has been distributed in 2020 from both public foundations, private foundations and the EU.



Takeaways from the survey:

  • in 2020 DKK 4.4 billion was allocated in 2020 from both public funds, private funds and the EU.
  • universities are the primary recipient of funds for green research and innovation projects with 66 per cent, followed by small and medium-sized enterprises with 17 per cent and large companies with 8 per cent.
  • out of the seven focus areas in the government's green research strategy, the most funds are provided within three areas: energy production, agriculture and food production as well as the environment and circular economy.

Read "Finansiering af grøn forskning og innovation i 2020" (only in danish).


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