Educating for the future

Which capabilities will future graduates need? CBS ask alumni and stakeholders to help answer this question.


Educating for the future

In the near future, many people will live to be around 100 years, which means that they will be active on the labour market for around 50 years. They will need different skills and capabilities than their parents. Many of the future’s grand challenges – especially those in which business can play a large, positive part – require even a combination of skills, e.g. establishing equitable and sustainable growth, integrating human and artificial intelligence, overcoming global health epidemics, overcoming absolute poverty, etc.

Help define which capabilities our future work force need
At CBS – long organized along the idea of ‘business in society’ – we think that business schools need to think holistically about preparing graduates for the future. Therefore, the Dean of Education has established a ‘Capabilities project’, which is running from fall 2018 to spring 2019. Together with alumni and other stakeholders, we want to discuss and define which capabilities we expect and need for future business school graduates.

Participate in the survey ‘Education for the Future’ in mid-November
The Dean of Education and CBS Alumni will send an online survey to alumni and other stakeholders where you are able to give your opinion on skills and capabilities for the future graduates. Please look out for the survey ‘Education for the Future’ mid-November. We hope you will provide your input that will help put education at CBS on track for the future.

The survey is sent to alumni registered with CBS Alumni.

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