CBS alumni - by the numbers

Where do CBS alumni live and how many live in your part of the world? Take a look at these info graphics below to get an idea of the international nature of the alumni from CBS.


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Infografik 1 CBS Alumni


Infografik 2 CBS Alumni

Thanks to more than 90,000 LinkedIn profiles having indicated CBS as their university, we are able to outline where CBS alumni live and work today. If you have entered Copenhagen Business School (or CBS or Handelshøjskolen i København) into the “Education” section on your LinkedIn profile, you are included in the total number. The number includes both people holding a CBS degree and exchange students having spent a semester at CBS.

We have compared LinkedIn’s figures with CBS’ student data and on this basis the data seems comparatively precise. Due to the enormous amount of data, however, there will be some lack of certainty about the exactness of the numbers.

Visit CBS’ University Page on LinkedIn for more figures. CBS’ University Page contains aggregated data of all LinkedIn profiles having indicated CBS as their university.

If you have further question or would like assistance using CBS’ University Page on LinkedIn, you are welcome to contact us directly.

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