Inaugural lecture by professor Jeremy Moon

New VELUX professor in Corporate Sustainability gives a lecture in Råvarebygningen Monday 2 June

Monday, June 2, 2014 - 15:00 to 17:30

Corporate Sustainability: the triumph of hope over experience?

Many corporations are developing sustainability policies. What do they mean by this?

Many governments and civil society organizations expect corporations to be sustainable.  What do they mean by this?

What is sustainability anyway? And why should we expect corporations to be sustainable?

Despite well-known ‘good apples’ isn’t the experience of corporations one of destructiveness, both of themselves and of social and environmental resources? 

Haven’t corporations been associated with the acquisition of economic resources rather than with their sustainable investment?

Despite the experience of considerable corporate unsustainability, this lecture suggests that grounds for hope are not entirely wishful thinking. 

It argues that corporations can and should be motivated to act sustainably. 

But it also considers limitations to corporate sustainability.

It concludes that systems of sustainable governance need to be developed to consolidate realistic hopes of corporate sustainability.


15.00-15.05 – Welcome by Head of Department Dorte Salskov-Iversen
15.05-15.15 – Welcome by President Per Holten-Andersen
15.15-15.20 – Welcome by Vice-Chairman Steen Riisgaard (VILLUM FONDEN)
15.20-16.00 – Inaugural lecture by Jeremy Moon
16.00-17.30 – Department of Intercultural Communication and Management hosts a reception on the 4th floor, Råvarebygningen.


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