Nordic Leadership and Lessons for the Future

Join us for an event with a spotlight on Nordic leadership characteristics, similarities and pitfalls.

Tirsdag, 9 maj, 2023 - 16:00 to 18:30

Time and time again, the Nordic countries show remarkable results on everything from economic performance and innovation to human rights and happiness. But is there a Nordic zeitgeist that is particular to Nordic leadership?

Join us for an inspiring afternoon when the new CBS Leadership Centre invites CBS researchers and practitioners to put a spotlight on the characteristics and impact of Nordic leadership style and way of doing business.

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16.00 – 16.05: Welcome
Welcome and introduction to the CBS Leadership Centre.
Centre Director Eva Fog Bruun 

16.05 – 16.35:
Insights on Nordic leadership characteristics, similarities and pitfalls from a manager's perspective.
Chris Shern and Pernille Brun

17.05 - 17.25:
What research tells us about Nordic leadership style, culture and challenges in a comparative perspective.
Professors Kristina Dahlin and Caroline de la Penta

17.25 – 18.00:
Panel discussion and Q&A.
Facilitated by professor Louise Mors

18.00 – 18.30:
Drinks and tapas


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