New cand.merc./MSc EBA in General Management and Analytics

In 2023, CBS is offering a completely new cand.merc./MSc EBA programme: MSc in General Management and Analytics, GMA.


In 2023, CBS is offering a completely new cand.merc./MSc EBA programme: MSc in General Management and Analytics, GMA.

The programme is designed for bachelor students with a strong background in business administration and economics as it builds directly on the analytical competences you required in your bachelor programme.

GMA combines business administration and economics with decision-driven analyses. On the GMA programme, you will learn how to collect data across the organisation to create a foundation for the company to make decisions, solve problems and to take actions. You will work with all kinds of data – both quantitative and qualitative, and within all functional domains such as financial data, performance data, sales data and employee data. Consequently, you will be able to bring companies the data and analyses necessary to make informed decisions and solve complex problems.

You can use your electives and master’s thesis to specialise and tailor you profile to certain business functions, such as e.g. finance, supply chain or marketing.

As a starting point, GMA can lead to 3 types of future positions:

  • General Manager/cross-functional managament: problem solving and management across departments and functions of an organisation
  • Business Analyst: specialisation within one of the fields of business economics and administration, focusing on data, analyses and basis for decision-making
  • Business Consultant: both internal and external counselling about business operations and development. 

You will of course also have lots of other options, depending on if and how you specialise during the programme, which bachelor’s degree you hold as well as your practical experience:

Read more about MSc EBA in General Management on here

Entry requirements and admission

To qualify for admission to the programme, you must fulfil the following entry requirements – just  as for the rest of CBS’s master’s programmes):

  • The language requirements for the programme (a certain level of Danish or English – must be fulfilled by the application deadline)
  • The specific entry requirements for the programme
  • The general entry requirement for the programme (a bachelor’s degree)

You can find the language requirement and specific entry requirements on MSc EBA in General Management > Admission

Limited places

All graduate programmes at CBS have a limited number of places. Because six of CBS’s bachelor programmes have a legal claim of admission to GMA, i.e. they are guaranteed admission to the programme, we expect admission to be competitive for the remaining places.

If there are more qualified applicants than places available at a programme, there will be a selection process, according to programme-specific selection criteria. In other words, you are not guaranteed admission even if you fulfil the entry requirements.

You can find the selection criteria on the GMA admissions page here: MSc EBA in General Management > Admission

Legal claim to admission

You have a legal claim to admission to MSc EBA in General Management and Analytics if you are a student in one of the following bachelor programmes at CBS:

  • BSc in Business Administration and Service Management
  • BSc in International Business
  • BSc in International Shipping and Trade
  • HA almen erhvervsøkonomi
  • HA i europæisk business
  • HA i projektledelse

Legal claim means that you have a right to be admitted to the graduate programme that is the natural progression to your CBS bachelor’s degree if you apply within 3 years of finishing your bachelor’s degree. You can read more about legal claim and find a list of your legal claim programme on > legal claim.

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