Debureaucratisation reform - find a CBS expert

The new government reform “Fewer rules and less bureaucracy” aims at making welfare less bureaucratic. Find a CBS researcher and gain more perspective on the reform.


Professor Nanna Mik-Meyer – Department of Organization
Contact: +453815 3895 –

  • Bureaucracy
  • The difference between documentation and bureaucratisation
  • Due process

Professor Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen – Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Contact: +453815 3664 –

  • The history of debureaucratisation (1920 until now)
  • Public-sector coherence: which challenges exist?
  • Bureaucracy is always interesting to the observer what seems to be debureaucratisation for someone can be troublesome for someone else
  • Problems with private independent schools
  • Problems with focus on core tasks and citizen focus

Professor Carsten Greve – Department of Organization
Contact: +4538153598 –

  • The relation to previous modernisation reforms
  • Current reforms and their impact on citizens, staff, public-sector managers

Professor Paul du Gay - Department of Organization
Contact: +4538152917 -
(Will only be able to comment in English)

  • The history and contemporary relevance of 'classic' organization theory
  • Bureaucracy and Public Service Ethics
  • History and contemporary practices of 'office' holding, their relationship to state service, and casuistical reasoning
  • Public administration as an institution of government

Associate Professor Justine Grønbæk Pors – Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Contact: +4538152857 –

  • Political school control
  • Decentralisation and self-governing schools
  • Management of the Danish Folkeskole between control and freedom
  • Welfare innovation

Associate Professor Holger Højlund – Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Contact: +4538152886 –

  • Health care
  • Municipal eldercare
  • The Danish Folkeskole

Associate Professor Dorthe Pedersen – Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Contact: +4538152187 –

  • The public sector and reforms
  • Welfare management
  • Technology and public management

Professor Anne Reff Pedersen – Department of Organization
Contact: +4538152961 –

  • Public organisations and innovation
  • Health care

Associate Professor Helle Zinner Henriksen – Institut for Digitalisering
Contact: +4538152961 –

  • Public Digitalisation
  • Digitalisation-ready legislation
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