Department of Digitalization

Helle Zinner
Head of Department
Professor with Special Responsibilities

Room: HOW/60-2.01a
E-mail: hzh.digi@cbs.dk
Helle Zinner Henriksen

Helle Zinner Henriksen is Head of Department of Digitalization at CBS. Her main research focus is on IT in the public sector. Her research focuses on data-driven decision making with a particular focus on how discretionary practices in public administration are influenced by uptake of advanced information technologies such as AI and RPA. Another more recent research interest relates to Digitalization of the SDGs with particular focus on Goal #16 – “Peace, justice and strong institutions”. Her research is empirically driven and applies a qualitative approach.

Primary research areas
  • Digital government
  • Data-driven decision making
  • AI in public sector
  • Uptake of digital technologies in public sector.
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  • Decision making for strategy execution
Selected publications
  • Busch, P. A., Henriksen, H. Z., & Sæbø, Ø. (2018). Opportunities and challenges of digitized discretionary practices: a public service worker perspective. Government Information Quarterly35(4), 547-556.

  • Ranerup, A., & Henriksen, H. Z. (2019). Enrolling citizens as informed consumers in quasi-markets. Information Technology & People, 32(6), 1517-1535.

  • Henningsson, S., & Henriksen, H. Z. (2011). Inscription of behaviour and flexible interpretation in Information Infrastructures: The case of European e-Customs. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems20(4), 355-372.

  • Andersen, K. V., & Henriksen, H. Z. (2006). E-government maturity models: Extension of the Layne and Lee model. Government information quarterly23(2), 236-248.

Publications sorted by:
Helle Zinner Henriksen; Traci Carte; Ulrike Schultze; Dawn Owens; Maung Sein / AIS4C : AIS Candid Conversation on Community Conduct: Panel Report from ICIS 2020.
In: Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 51, No. 1, 8.2022, p. 80-94
Journal article > peer review
Agneta Ranerup; Helle Zinner Henriksen / Digital Discretion : Unpacking Human and Technological Agency in Automated Decision Making in Sweden’s Social Services.
In: Social Science Computer Review, Vol. 40, No. 2, 4.2022, p. 445-461
Journal article > peer review
Ojelanki Ngwenyama; Helle Zinner Henriksen; Daniel Hardt / Public Management Challenges in the Digital Risk Society : A Critical Analysis of the Public Debate on Implementation of the Danish NemID.
In: European Journal of Information Systems, 7.5.2021
Journal article > peer review
Helle Zinner Henriksen; Devinder Thapa; Amany Elbanna / Sustainable Development Goals in IS Research : Opening the Agenda beyond Developing Countries’ Research.
In: Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2021, 6 p., p. 97-102
Kim Normann Andersen; Jungwoo Lee; Helle Zinner Henriksen / Digital Sclerosis? : Wind of Change for Government and the Employees.
In: Digital Government: Research and Practice, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2.2020
Journal article > peer review
Helle Zinner Henriksen; Arto Ojala; Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou; Katrin Jonsson / Editorial
In: Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 31, No. 1, 2019, 2 p., p. 1-2
Agneta Ranerup; Helle Zinner Henriksen / Enrolling Citizens as Informed Consumers in Quasi-markets
In: Information Technology and People, Vol. 32, No. 6, 2019, p. 1517-1535
Journal article > peer review
Jungwoo Lee; Kim Normann Andersen; Helle Zinner Henriksen / Impact of IT in the Public Sector Workplace
In: Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research. ed. /Yu-Che Chen; Fadi Salem; Anneke Zuiderwijk. New York : Association for Computing Machinery 2019, p. 370-377 (ACM International Conference Proceeding Series)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Agneta Ranerup; Helle Zinner Henriksen / Value Positions Viewed through the Lens of Automated Decision-making : The Case of Social Services.
In: Government Information Quarterly, Vol. 36, No. 4, 10.2019
Journal article > peer review
Peter Andre Busch; Helle Zinner Henriksen / Digital Discretion : A Systematic Literature Review of ICT and Street-level Discretion.
In: Information Polity, Vol. 23, No. 1, 2018, p. 3-28
Review article > peer review
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