CBS Professor heads expert group to support Government’s handling of tech giants

New technology has become an indispensable part of everyday life. However, with this development comes new dilemmas. Which is why the Government has appointed an expert group who will develop suggestions on how to set the framework for tech giants.


Mikkel Flyverbom

Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

The Government has appointed Professor Mikkel Flyverbom from CBS as chairman of an external expert group that will support the Government’s work on setting the framework for tech giants.

"Tech giants have a huge influence in our society, and they leave an increasingly big mark on our lives. It is very welcome and necessary that the Government has now decided to focus on this important agenda,” says Mikkel Flyverbom.

As chairman of the expert group, I look forward to supporting the Government in its continued work with the tech agenda, especially as the members of the group are some of the most accomplished experts in this country, who will be able to contribute important new ideas in this area,

The group will develop concrete suggestions on how to manage the tech agenda both nationally and internationally, including problems with technologies and algorithms, business models, data harvesting and current solutions such as consent.

New opportunities come with a shadowy side

Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple have enabled us to communicate, buy commodities and start communities. They have brought us a world of new opportunities for individuals, organisations and businesses.

However, the numerous opportunities have also meant new and big challenges in terms of, for instance, the spread of illegal and damaging content, unfair competition, taxes, children and youth’s digital dissatisfaction, opaque algorithms and polarising mechanisms that may undermine our democratic principles and social assets.

Find out who the group members are and what their assignments are and read the press release from the Ministry of Trade and Industry here

Mikkel Flyverbom conducts research on digital transformation, a focus area at CBS. He is also a member of The Danish Council of Data Ethics.

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