Geopolitical challenges - find an expert

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the geopolitical challenges are greater than they have been in a long time. The challenges are found in areas such as defence, security of supply, inflation, cyber security, climate and sanctions. Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain an overview. Here is a list of some CBS researchers that can contribute with knowledge and perspectives in challenging times.


Andreas Rasche, Professor. Tel:+4538155701, e-mail: (English, German)
- Effect of climate change on geopolitical issues such as refugee streams
- Sanctions and corruption 
- Role of firms in conflict zones
- UN, sustainability standards and ESG


Andreas Wieland, Associate Professor. Tel:+4538152380, e-mail: (German, English, Danish)
- Management of supply chains
- Geopolitical tensions and firm's risk management
- Robustness and resilience


Andrej Savin, Professor, Tel:+4538152673, e-mail: (Danish, English)
- EU cyber law
- EU cyber security


Alexander Josiassen, Professor. Tel:+4538152159, e-mail: (Danish, English)
- Geopolitical tensions and consumer behaviour
- Citizens' and consumers' sense of solidarity with geopolitical parties
- Measurements of business', consumers’, and tourists’ solidarity with Ukraine


Cornel Ban, Associate Professor. Mobile:20707113, e-mail: (English)
- East European political economy
- Financial aspects of the war in Ukraine
- Sanctions
- Changes in supply chains in times of war and conflict


Douglas Fuller, Associate Professor. Tel:+4538152419, e-mail: (English)
- Microchips
- Sanctions high tech
- Chinese politics
- Industrial/technology policy


Eleni Tsingou, Professor. Tel: +45 38153379, (English)
- Economic sanctions
- Payment systems and SWIFT
- Anti-money laundering
- Bank compliance


Florian Kock, Associate Professor, Tel:+4538152126. E-mail: (German, English)
- Geopolitical tensions and tourism
- Measurements of business', consumers’, and tourists’ solidarity with Ukraine
- Covid and tourism


Jan Lemnitzer, Assistant Professor. E-mail: (English, German)
- Cyber war
- Ransomware
- Cyber security policy
- Cyber security regulation 


Jesper Rangvid, Professor. Tel:+4538153784, e-mail: (Danish, English)
- Inflation
- The financial market and macroeconomics


Johann Ole Willers, Post.doc. Tel: +45 52238836, (Danish, German, English)
- Cyber security
- Geopolitics and digitalization
- Risk analysis


Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard, Professor. Tel:+4538155758, e-mail: (Danish, English)
- EU-China relations


Lindsay Whitfield, Professor. Tel:+4538153233, e-mail: (English)
- Relations and working conditions in global value chains
- Africa – industrialization. challenges & opportunities, 
- Green industrialization


Mads Dagnis Jensen, Associate Professor. Tel:+45 38153545 or +45 22757147, e-mail: (Danish, English)
- EU-market Integration/disintegration, Euroscepticism and Brexit
- EU-China relations including individual member states
- Backlash Against Globalization


Rasmus Corlin Christensen, Postdoc. Contact: +45 29727131, e-mail: (Danish English)
- Russian capital in tax havens and financial (non)transparency


Tawfiq Alashoor, Assistant Professor. E-mail: (Arabic, English)
- Privacy behaviours and decisions
- Social engineering and psychological manipulation
- Cyber security


Tooraj Jamasb, Professor. Contact: +45 38152223, e-mail: (English, Danish)
- Energy economics and policy, especially related to EU
- Energy Infrastructure
- Security of energy supply
- Energy poverty

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