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Sof Thrane is a professor (wsr) at Copenhagen Business School. Sof performs research in management accounting focusing on pricing, control of innovation, and performance management in supply chains. Research is problem driven and mainly performed in collaboration with industry.  Sof Thrane has published in journals such as Accounting Organization and Society, Journal of Accounting and Organisational Change, Journal of Management Accounting Research, Management Accounting Research, Research Policy, and Scandinavian Journal of Management. Sof has held the position of head of the PhD School in Business and Management (2008-2016) and is currently academic director of the Master in Business Development (MBD)

Primary research areas
  • Pricing
  • Control of innovative processes
  • Control of supply chains
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  • Pricing, MBD.
  • Pricing, Bachelor elective.
  • Management control and finance in the bio industry. CM BBIP.
  • Management control and financing of innovation. HD innovation management.
  • Styring af økonomi og incitamenter. MPG.
  • Mastermodul. MPG.
  • Ph.D and Master thesis supervision.
  • Assistant professorship supervisor (pedagogical supervision).
Other teaching activities
  • Academic Director master in business development
  • Teacher on Assistant professorship program
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Lars Balslev; Sof Thrane; Ivar Friis / Information Technology Systems Implementation and Processes of Integration and Disintegration : Case Study Evidence from Air Greenland.
In: Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, 31.7.2021
Journal article > peer review
Martin Jarmatz; Sof Thrane; Giulio Zichella / Kontrol af prisfastsættelsen via udvikling af prispolitikker
In: Revision & Regnskabsvæsen, Vol. 89, No. 1, 2020, p. 52-57
Journal article > peer review
Sof Thrane; Martin Jarmatz; Michael Fetahi Laursen; Katrine Kornmaaler / A Practice-based Approach to Collective Decision-making in Pricing
In: Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2019, p. 117-143
Journal article > peer review
Sof Thrane; Martin Jarmatz / Pricing management : Information, koordination og kontrol.
In: Revision & Regnskabsvæsen, Vol. 88, No. 4, 4.2019, p. 36-47
Journal article > peer review
Nico Peter Berhausen; Sof Thrane / Control and Coordination of Design-Driven Innovation Processes : Case Evidence from the Automotive Industry.
In: Journal of Management Accounting Research, Vol. 30, No. 3, 2018, p. 75-94
Journal article > peer review
Sof Thrane; Thomas Bautrup; Henrik Juul Nielsen / The Paradox of Trust : Managing Trust and Cost Disclosure in Alliances.
In: Managing Trust in Strategic Alliances. ed. /T. K. Das. Charlotte, NC : Information Age Publishing 2018, p. 129-170 (Research in Strategic Alliances)
Book chapter
Sof Thrane; Lars Balslev / Institutional Contradictions and Change of Organisations and Accounting : Case Evidence from Greenland.
In: Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, Vol. 13, No. 3, 2017, p. 310-330
Journal article > peer review
Jawwad Raja; Thomas Frandsen; Sof Thrane; Martin Jarmatz / Value-based Pricing and Selling Capabilities for Industrial Services and Solutions
Paper presented at 32nd Annual IMP Conference, 2016
Paper > peer review
Kim Sundtoft Hald; Sof Thrane / Management Accounting and Supply Chain Strategy
Paper presented at 1st International Competitiveness Management Conference, 2015
Paper > peer review
Ulrik Christiansen; Sof Thrane; Torben Juul Andersen / The Evolving Forms of Risk Reporting Practices : A Longitudinal Content Analysis of Risk Communication Across Hierarchical Levels.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2015, 39 p.
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