Department of Management, Society and Communication

Associate professor

Room: DH.Ø.2.15
E-mail: vs.msc@cbs.dk

My focus is words - and what we can do with them”

Stated less simply: I investigate the mechanisms through which  the human language, in interaction with other carriers of communicative content (images, symbols, colours, shapes, tastes) not only reflect, but shape the world around us and the way we understand  it. Over the years, I have pursued this research interest both in cross-disciplinary theoretical work and applied to goal-driven endeavours that span from the creation and marketing of new product and assessments of the fairness of product packaging design to the clash and convergence of legal cultures and innovative tourism development.

I have been the leader of and/or a participant in several collaborative projects, including strategic project alliances with other universities in Denmark and abroad and with business and authorities. Current project foci include the participation in the EU-funded project INCULTUM – Visiting the Margins and continued work within the framework of the Fair Speak Group, including  a major project proposal in preparation.

Primary research areas
  • Multimodal Communication
  • Naming & Framing
  • Innovative product development and product labelling fairness
  • Product Labelling Fairness
  • The Law-Language Interface
  • Conceptual Analysis and Knowledge Management
  • Cognitive Language Theory, Psycholinguistics
Administrative tasks

Throughout my affiliation to CBS, I have been a member of a number of Study Boards, Department Fora, working groups, think tanks, etc. and headed some of them.

I am currently leader of the Fair Speak Group and member of the cross-departmental CBS Food Research Network.

I have managed and/or participated in a number of larger externally funded project (see above) as well as smaller, locally funded projects (e.g. pilot project on the perception of Danish organic products across cultures, SugarTexts, Russian Legal and Police Language). I have furthermore coordinated the drafting of several research proposals.

I am currently participating in the EU-funded project INCULTUM – Visiting the Margins and coordinate the work on a project proposal in preparation for Innovation Fund Denmark targeting green transition in food innovation.

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My teaching and course development portfolio spans a wide variety of mandatory and elective courses at different Bachelor and Master programmes at CBS as well as courses developed for external stakeholders, summer schools etc.

Currently I am coordinator of the CM(KOM) course Marketing Campaigns and offer two elective courses, one Master-level course on multimodal product packaging and e-store design and one Bachelor-level course on naming, framing, and the power of words.


I supervise Master Theses projects (50+ so far), Bachelor projects, various BA and MA semester projects, and Internship Reports. I am likewise available for PhD Project supervision.

Other teaching activities

I have organized and run courses, workshops, and seminars for a variety of external stakeholders beyond academia (e.g. Varefakta, Danfoss, Lego, Danish Veterinary & Food Administration) and participated as invited speaker and panel member in branch-specific and public fora organized by e.g. the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Danish Industry, and NGOs such as Green Future. I have likewise  occasionally taught at other universities (KU, DTU, MGLU/Moscow) and Summer Schools on issues from food innovation to the European cultural and legal convergence. 

Selected publications

Block, M. Humlebæk, C. J. Qwarnström, S. M., Raad, C. A., & Smith, V. (In review). Stakeholder Map.  Deliverable D7.1 of the project INCULTUM – Visiting the Margins under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Smith, V. (2021). Naming & framing: Understanding the power of words across disciplines, domains, and modalities. New York: Routledge.

Smith, V.(2018). Taste the difference – and say it!: The role of sensory language in the multimodal semiotic cocktails of food labelling and web-store presentations. Paper presented at Branding Nations, Products, and Sensory Experiences. Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, October 2018.

Clement, J., Smith, V., Zlatev, J., Gidlöf, K., & Van de Weijer, J. (2017). Assessing information on food packages. European Journal of Marketing51(1), 219-237.

Smith, V., Barratt, D., & Selsøe Sørensen, H. (2015). Do natural pictures mean natural tastes? Assessing visual semantics experimentally. Cognitive Semiotics8(1), 53-86.

Smith, V., Barratt, D., & Zlatev, J. (2014). Unpacking noun-noun compounds: Interpreting novel and conventional food names in isolation and on food labels. Cognitive Linguistics, 25(1), 99-147.

Smith, V. (2014). The semiotic cocktail of food labelling : Mixed and consumed. Paper presented at  The First Conference of the International Association for Cognitive Semiotics (IACS-2014), Lund, September 2014.

Smith, V., Green-Petersen, D., Møgelvang-Hansen, P., Christensen, R. H. B., Qvistgaard, F., & Hyldig, G. (2013). What’s (in) a real smoothie. A division of linguistic labour in consumers’ acceptance of name–product combinations? Appetite63, 129-140.

Durst-Andersen P., Smith, V., & Nedergaard Thomsen, O. (2013). Towards a cognitive-semiotic typology of motion verbs. In: C. Paradis et al., eds., The construal of spatial meaning: Windows into conceptual space (pp. 118-143). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Smith, V., Clement, J.; Møgelvang-Hansen, P.; & Selsøe Sørensen, H. (2011). Assessing in-store food-to-consumer communication from a fairness perspective: An integrated approach. International Journal of Specialized Communication, 33(1-2), 84-106.

Smith, V., Møgelvang-Hansen, P., & Hyldig, G. (2010). Spin versus fair speak in food labelling: A matter of taste? Food Quality and Preference21(8), 1016-1025.

Micklitz, H.-W.; Smith, V.; & Rørdam, M., eds. (2010). New challenges for the assessment of fairness in a common market. Florence: European University Institute Press.

Smith, V. (2010). Lexical semantics negotiated : Assessing the fairness and misleading potential of established and novel food names. In: I. Korzen & E. Cresti, eds., Language, cognition and identity: Extensions of the endocentric/exocentric language typology (pp. 191-209). Firenze : Florence: Firenze University Press.

Zlatev, J.; Smith, V.,; Weijer, J. van de; & Skydsgaard, C. (2010). Noun-noun compounds for fictive food products: Experimenting in the borderzone of semantics and pragmatics. Journal of Pragmatics, 42(10), 2799-2813.

Smith, V. (2007). Linguistic diversity versus legal unity in Europe: Getting beyond the chicken-and-egg discussions. Journal of Comparative Law2, 120-136.

Selective titles targeting Business in Society issues beyond Academia (indicative examples):

Smith, V. (2019) Ikke-vildledende mærkning af fødevarer …også ud over lovens krav?. Workshop at Varefakta, May 2019.

Forbrugerrådet Tænk & FairSpeak-Gruppen (2015). Fair snak på fødevareemballage: 11 dogmer til fødevareproducenter og butikker for kommunikation via fødevareemballager. URL: http://dokumentation.taenk.dk/dokumentation/taler-og-indlaeg/fair-snak-paa-foedevareemballage

Smith, V., Selsøe Sørensen, H., Clement, J., & Møgelvang-Hansen, P. (2015). Fair snak på fødevareemballager: 84 fairnesspreincipper. Copenhagen: Ex Tuto.

Clement, J., Selsøe Sørensen, H. & Smith, V. (2010). SMV-rapport: Ærlig kommunikation gennem innovativ design af emballage til nye fødevarer. Copenhagen: FairSpeak.

Smith, V. Ohm Søndergaard, M., Clement, J., Møgelvang-Hansen, P., Selsøe Sørensen, H., & Gabrielsen, G. (2009).  Fair Speak : Scenarier for vildledning på det danske fødevaremarked. Copenhagen: Ex Tuto.

Publications sorted by:
Carsten Humlebæk; Viktor Smith; Caroline Agha Raad; Maximilian Block; Livia Gavelli / Mid-term Plan for the Impact, Evaluation and Exploitation of Results
Granada : Incultum 2022, 23 p. (INCULTUM Project Deliverables, No. D7.2)
Report > peer review
Viktor Smith; Daniel Barratt; Peter Møgelvang-Hansen; Alexander U. Wedel Andersen / Misleading Marketing Communication : Assessing the Impact of Potentially Deceptive Food Labelling on Consumer Behaviour.
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan 2022, 164 p.
Book > peer review
Maximilian Block; Carsten Humlebæk; Sarah Mariane Qwarnström; Caroline Agha Raad; Viktor Smith / Visiting the Margins : Innovative Cultural Tourism in European Peripheries: Stakeholder map.
Granada : Incultum 2022, 32 p. (INCULTUM Project Deliverables, No. D7.1)
Report > peer review
Viktor Smith / Naming and Framing : Understanding the Power of Words across Disciplines, Domains, and Modalities.
New York : Routledge 2021, 109 p. (Routledge Studies in Multimodality)
Book > peer review
Viktor Smith; Daniel Barratt / Varefakta-mærket fra forbrugertillid til købsbeslutning. : Diagnostisk eyetracking-test af forbrugeres inddragelse af Varefakta-mærket i købsbeslutninger under simuleret e-handel.
København : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2020, 29 p.
Viktor Smith / Hvad blev der af smags- og spiseoplevelsen på danske fødevareemballager (og i net-butikken)? - og kan der laves om på det
Poster session presented at Fælles IFD-projektansøgning, 2018, 18 p.
Viktor Smith / Naming and Framing : Understanding the Power of Words.
Paper presented at Ordenes magt og konsekvenser for samfund, politik og business, 2018
Viktor Smith / Taste the Difference – and Say It! : The Role of Sensory Language in the Multimodal Semiotic Cocktails of Food Labelling and Web-store Presentations.
Paper presented at Branding Nations, Products, and Sensory Experiences, 2018
Paper > peer review
Jesper Clement; Viktor Smith; Jordan Zlatev; Kerstin Gidlöf; Joost Van de Weijer / Assessing Information on Food Packages
In: European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 51, No. 1, 2017, p. 219-237
Journal article > peer review
Viktor Smith / (Re)vitalizing Sensory Language on Food Packages in Danish – and Beyond
In: Book of Abstract FACT 2016: 2nd International Conference Food and Culture in Translation. Catania : Universita' Degli Studi Di Catania 2016, 1 p., p. 66
Conference abstract in proceedings
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Academic Interests

Business in Society, Private-Public collaboration in practice, Responsible Communication, Multimodal Communication, Cognitive Semiotics.

Also occasional consulting, lecturing, training, etc. for external stakeholders in line with my academic interests.

Research Projects
Outside activities

Currently no outside activities