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Michael Etter

I study how new information and communication technologies, such as social media, impact the formation of reputation and legitimacy, and how corporations can strategically use these technologies for corporate communication and PR. The aspect of CSR plays thereby a crucial role in my research.

Primary research areas

Social Media

Corporate Reputation

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Communication and PR

Social media
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Public Relations and Issues Management


I supervise Master and Bachelor theses on social media, reputation, legitimacy, CSR, corporate communication, and PR.

Selected publications

Etter, M. A., Ravasi, D., & Colleoni, E. (2018). Social media and the formation of organizational reputation. Academy of Management Review, (ja).

Etter, M. (2014). Broadcasting, reacting, engaging–three strategies for CSR communication in Twitter. Journal of Communication Management, 18(4), 322-342.

Castelló, I., Etter, M., & Årup Nielsen, F. (2016). Strategies of legitimacy through social media: The networked strategy. Journal of Management Studies, 53(3), 402-432.

Etter, M. A., & Vestergaard, A. (2015). Facebook and the public framing of a corporate crisis. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 20(2), 163-177.

Ravasi, D., Rindova, V., & Etter, M., Cornelissen, J., (2018). The formation of organizational reputation. Academy of Management Annals.

Publications List
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Anne Vestergaard; Frederik Schade; Michael Etter / How to Study Public Negotiation of Responsibilities : A Communicative Approach to Business and Human Rights Research.
In: Nordic Journal of Human Rights, Vol. 37, No. 1, 2019, p. 18-41
Journal article > peer review
Michael Etter; Davide Ravasi; Elanor Colleoni / Social Media and the Formation of Organizational Reputation
In: Academy of Management Review, Vol. 44, No. 1, 1.2019, p. 28-52
Journal article > peer review
Peter Winkler; Michael Etter; Itziar Castello / Vicious and Virtuous Circles of Aspirational Talk : From Self Persuasive to Agonistic CSR Rhetoric.
In: Business & Society, 13.2.2019
Journal article > peer review
Anne Vestergaard; Michael Etter / Business and Human Rights : Exploring the Limits of an Expanding Agenda on Corporate Responsibility.
In: Contracting Human Rights: Crisis, Accountability, and Opportunity. . ed. /Alison Brysk; Michael Stohl. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2018, p. 211–231 (Elgar Studies in Human Rights)
Book chapter > peer review
Michael Etter; Elanor Colleoni; Laura Illia; Katia Meggiorin; Antonino D’Eugenio / Measuring Organizational Legitimacy in Social Media : Assessing Citizens’ Judgments With Sentiment Analysis.
In: Business & Society, Vol. 57, No. 1, 1.2018, p. 60–97
Journal article > peer review
Scott Banghart; Michael Etter; Cynthia Stohl / Organizational Boundary Regulation through Social Media Policies
In: Management Communication Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 3, 8.2018, p. 337 –373
Journal article > peer review
Michael Etter; Julie Uldam / Public affairs
In: Medie- og kommunikationsleksikon: [Online]. . ed. /Gunhild Agger; Nete Nørgaard Kristensen; Per Jaubert; Kim Schrøder. : Samfundslitteratur 2018
Encyclopedia chapter > peer review
Julie Uldam; Michael Etter / Public diplomacy
In: Medie- og kommunikationsleksikon: [Online]. . ed. /Gunhild Agger; Nete Nørgaard Kristensen; Per Jaubert; Kim Schrøder. : Samfundslitteratur 2018
Encyclopedia chapter > peer review
Giulia Ranzini; Nina Kusber; Ivar Vermeulen; Michael Etter / Recommendations for the Sharing Economy : Safeguarding Privacy.
: SSRN: Social Science Research Network 2018, 32 p.
Peter Winkler; Michael Etter / Strategic Communication and Emergence : A Dual Narrative Framework.
In: International Journal of Strategic Communication, Vol. 12, No. 4, 2018, p. 382-398
Journal article > peer review
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