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Consumer Representation in the European Eco-Design of Energy-related Products Process (EuP Consumer)


The overall goal of this three-year project is to ensure that the European consumer points of view are well represented in the preparatory process leading to Implementing Measures under the Ecodesign Directive, both in the project phase of the various preparatory studies and in the EuP Consultation Forum.With the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), the European Commission is addressing energy-using and energy-related products which have a considerable impact on the energy consumption in the internal market. The ecodesign process will address ways to improve the environmental performance of the products by assessing the environmental aspects over the entire life cycle, taking into consideration which improvement potential is technically feasible and possible, and what the respective implications are; e.g. in terms of life cycle costs. Mandatory requirements for product design, such as energy efficiency, hazardous substances and waste treatment, will have a considerable impact on many day to day consumer products, such as washing machines, TVs or vacuum cleaners. Following a call for tender, the European Commission contracted a consortium of five organisations to provide the consumer view and expertise on the ecodesign requirements.Within the project’s three-year duration the consortium will provide input and expertise to the contractors of the preparatory studies and to the European Commission on approximately 25 different product groups. ANEC and BEUC are participating in the Consultation Forum meetings and providing political and technical input in order to ensure that consumer’s interests are taken into account.






Department of Intercultural Communication and Management

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Öko-Institut e.V., International Consumer Research and Testing , BEUC - The European Consumer's Organisation, ANEC - The European Consumer Voice in Standardisation




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